Mommy Vision Board

We all had a vision of what we thought our life would look like when we became a mom. But few of us have found that vision to match reality. Once baby is born, we find ourselves just trying to survive the day. We are lucky to get in a shower much less have time to think about what we want our life to look like.

However, a vision board can serve as a quick reminder of what inspires, motivates and guides our better selves. What is a vision board you ask? It's simply a visual collage of images that inspire you. It should represent who you want to become or serve as a reminder of who you truly are. Pick a day with your kids or your girlfriends and create your own. You can do so on Pinterest or with old fashioned cut and paste pictures on poster. You know you've done it right if you can look at your vision board and feel charged! For years, I have kept my vision board on the back of my medicine cabinet. I connect to it each morning and night as I brush my teeth. When life goes so fast, it reminds me if my purpose and my goals.

Being a mom doesn't mean you need to lose your spark. We sometimes just need a reminder about what inspires us.