Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom in 2024

When you decided to become a mom, you didn’t think that you’d also be assuming the role of doctor, personal chef, stylist, and even chauffeur, did you?

Mom, you do it all, and sometimes all that you do seems to go unappreciated. We want you to know that we see YOU and all the amazing things you do for your family, day in and day out. That’s why at FIT4MOM, we don’t celebrate Mother’s Day, we celebrate Month of Mama! Because we can’t keep all of our appreciation to just one day.

This is the perfect time to shower all the moms in our lives with love and appreciation, and sometimes that means GIFTS! Whether you’re shopping for your own mom, a mom-friend, your sister, or yourself (we won’t tell! 😉), finding the perfect gift can sometimes feel impossible. Fear not! We’re here to make your Mother’s Day shopping a breeze with our curated gift guide, tailored just for you and the other amazing moms out there.

Sit back, relax, and let us do all the research for you. After all, it IS Month of Mama!

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Protector. Cheerleader. Healer. Teacher. Comforter.


Day in and day out, you do what needs to be done. Your family knows they can count on you whenever they need an ear to listen to the troubles of the day, a mind to help with the latest school project, or a lap to sit on and hear the night’s bedtime story. Whatever they need, you’re right there…like a Mother. Wear this badge of honor proudly with this special t-shirt from the FIT4MOM Shop. *Month of Mama Giveaway participant.

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We think you’re beautiful just the way you are (and so does your family, believe us!)! But, we get it, sometimes you just need a little something more to help you feel even MORE like your beautiful self. At Dermaclara, they believe that skincare should be naked! They use one ingredient in their reusable Occlusion Patches, 100% medical grade silicone, & let your body do the rest... natural, safe, & effective! *Month of Mama Giveaway participant.

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At !MPROV, they believe imbibing is all about balance. For everyone that wants to stay fit AND stay fun, their full-flavored, premium non-alcoholic cocktails taste like the real deal, but without the booze. So whether you're parenting at the party or partying with the parents, they’ve got a drink for that. *Month of Mama Giveaway participant.

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Product Spotlight: FIT4MOM Village Favorite

Our friends at BOB Gear® believe that raising families is a way to discover the world all over again. They’ve spent the last three decades creating revolutionary products that give you the freedom to find adventure together. They put quality first and let the rest fall into place. Small enough to go anywhere, and flexible enough to go everywhere, the new Wayfinder Jogging Stroller pairs a sleek-and-slim stroller design with high-performance jogging features to give you the best of both worlds. Perfect for the mama who’s always on the move! *Month of Mama Giveaway participant


With each day comes a new opportunity to soak in the world around you. Hemlock Hat Co. is a San Diego-based headwear brand made to create connection: to the world, to the present, and to the soul. Providing premium style and shade for everyone, Hemlock’s unisex collections elevate any day, any outing. When you put on a Hemlock, your originality shines. Whether you’re a mama playing on the beach or perusing the stands at the local farmer’s market, Hemlock has a style perfect for you. *Month of Mama Giveaway participant

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You’ll be hard pressed to find a Mom who feels like she’s in TOO many photos with her kids! Her unofficial role of “family photographer” often means she’s left out of those precious moments. Famtography was founded by professional photographer and tech entrepreneur, Sarah Boland, and she’s on a mission to get more moms in photos. Famtography sends weekly photo prompts and bite-sized tutorials to help families capture beautiful candid moments with their own phone. All it takes is 5 minutes a week to learn family photography with Famtography. *Month of Mama Giveaway participant

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Product Spotlight: FIT4MOM Village Favorite

Energize your day with this fruit forward snack made with clean and natural energy from That’s it.! Skip the sugary energy drinks and opt for our healthier alternative made with REAL fruit. Each bar is packed with the kick of a cup of coffee and contains only 70 calories. Made with just 4 organic ingredients, including caffeine from premium coffee, and free from the top 12 allergens, these bars are nut-free, fat-free, non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, plant-based, and Kosher. Savor the refreshing flavors of mango and lime, perfectly blended in every bite! *Month of Mama Giveaway participant

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Made to move mountains (or apartments), this huge, ridiculously lightweight, and amazingly durable tote from Scout Bags lets you fit everything you need in ONE bag. A favorite for beach/pool, travel, seasonal storage (they stack nicely), moving day, and more. And, of course these versatile bags were designed by women. *Month of Mama Giveaway participant

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Zurvita set out to bring clean, simplified nutrition, energy and happiness to people more than a decade ago. For the mom looking to feel beautiful inside and out, Zundora is a game changer! Zundora is a one-of-a-kind, revolutionary Antioxidant Collagen Boosting Hydrolyzed-Gel with a unique and proprietary nutrient complex, clinically proven to provide healthier-looking hair, skin, nails, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, making the skin smoother and stronger from within. *Month of Mama Giveaway participant

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Nothing’s worse than giving your all during your workout, then having your hair fall in your face and interrupt your concentration! Keep your hair out of your face and your head in the game with this mid-weight headband from Perspective Fitwear. Designed to tame unwanted hair and absorb sweat, it can be worn multiple ways; the most popular is with the FIT4MOM graphic in front! Guaranteed to stay in place. *Month of Mama Giveaway participant

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Whether you want to carry a snack, pack your phone, or speed through TSA, the Aloha Collection Hip Pack helps you do it all hands-free. Store your cash, credit cards, and hotel keys in a handy inside zipper pocket and easily access your ID or passport during air travel or train transit. It's great for traveling, hiking, biking, and everyday adventures. With its versatile design, you can wear it as a crossbody bag or around your waist. *Month of Mama Giveaway participant


A brand new course from FIT4MOM, designed to empower fitness professionals to connect with moms at every age and stage of motherhood, is here! The FIT4MOM Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Certificate breaks down the science behind training the changing female mind and body, providing a deep dive into prenatal and postnatal fitness education. You’ll gain a profound understanding of the physical and mental changes that occur during pregnancy and postpartum. If you’re already a fitness professional, or you’re looking to educate yourself to further support expectant and new moms in your life, this course is for you. *Month of Mama Giveaway participant.

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Clean, skin-centric beauty. ILIA Beauty believes in skin that looks like skin and radiance that comes naturally. With transparency as their guide and color as their vehicle, they challenge the conventions of clean beauty to create something radically new, through safe, potent formulas that protect and revive your skin.

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Busy moms know, you have to pick and choose your battles. That can include keeping up with the latest and greatest in skincare. KraveBeauty was founded when Liah Yoo felt overwhelmed with constant new trends and “instant” fix products. With over consumption and over production creating endless waste, Liah set out on a mission to slow down skincare. KraveBeauty is committed to a small, concentrated and intentional range of products that work with your skin's natural ecosystem, especially your skin barrier!


FIT4MOM On Demand is a revolutionary service for mothers seeking flexible, convenient wellness solutions. With a diverse range of Mama Masterclasses, meditations, and workouts led by expert instructors, FIT4MOM On Demand offers a personalized wellness experience tailored to moms' unique needs. With the convenience of streaming anytime, anywhere, FIT4MOM On Demand empowers moms to prioritize their health and well-being while balancing the demands of motherhood. *Month of Mama Giveaway participant.

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Create a striking look that's unique to the mom in your life with this beautiful necklace from Oak and Luna. Personalized jewelry is a great way to show your love for those most precious to you.

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Have you ever noticed how many times a Mom has to reheat their morning beverage? It can be a real problem! Enter the Ember Mug. This temperature control mug will keep Mom’s favorite drink at just the right temperature until she’s finished every last drop.

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At the end of a long day, no one deserves a more luxurious sleep experience than Mom! Kitsch Luxe Satin Pillow Cases are gentle on skin and hair and so much softer than silk. And unlike cotton, satin pillowcases lessen friction between your hair so you can wake up with beautiful hair without the frizz!

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Help Mom get the adorable photos of her family off of her phone and onto her walls with this HP Sprocket personal photo printer! She can pair this printer with her smartphone and print photos from a variety of sources, such as social media, Google photos, and more.

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Picture this…your child comes home from school with their latest art masterpiece that they are SO PROUD of, and ask you to display it. But, your fridge is already covered with other masterpieces that they don’t want you to take down. This Kids Artwork Frame is the perfect gift for the mama who wants to foster her child’s creativity—which changes on a seemingly daily basis. Proud moms and kids alike win with this gift idea!

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For the art-loving mama, we love these grown-up paint-by-numbers kit by Pink Picasso. Let her unleash her creativity and relax as she fills each numbered section with the corresponding paint color and watch the masterpiece unfold. A therapeutic and enjoyable way to unwind and reduce stress.

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When you’re a mom surrounded by tiny humans all day who have no regard for indoor vs. outdoor voices, any combination of sounds at the end of the day can seem like they’re going to push you over the edge. It’s called overstimulation, and lots of mamas experience it! Loops Ear Plugs were created specifically for the times when you need the noise reduced, but you just can’t get away to a silent room by yourself (because - hello, you’re a MOM!).

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For a hands-on mama, life can be messy! When you’re playing in the sandbox with your kiddos, helping your kids paint their latest masterpiece, or even changing all.those.diapers—sometimes you just don’t want your most precious piece of jewelry to get caught up in all the mess. Enso Premium Silicone Rings are safe, comfortable, stylish, and perfect for messy mom life.

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Everybody knows—moms love coffee! And while Mom may like to make daily trips to the local coffee shop a regular occurrence, sometimes that just doesn’t work with the day’s schedule (or budget!). The Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine by Breville makes it possible for Mom (and the rest of the family!) to craft their own coffee shop-style beverage to their liking, in their very own kitchen.

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Kids grow up fast! By the time you’ve been able to schedule the family photo shoot, wait for the photgrapher’s edits, choose your favorites, get them printed and framed and hang them on the wall, your kids look totally different! With an Aura Digital Picture Frame, you can display your photos of your kids instantly, the way they look today.

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The slip® contour sleep mask has been specifically designed with delicate eyelash extensions in mind. The shape of the contour on the inside of the sleep mask has been designed to sit away from your eyelids and allow additional space for your eyelashes to sit while you get your beauty sleep.

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Style your hair quickly and without heat with the Dyson Airwrap. The Dyson Airwrap uses the Dyson Coanada effect, which curves the air to attract the hair to the attachment, allowing for more control when styling and bonus—no heat damage!

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Ideal for keeping your feet warm and comfortable at home, the Donpapa Slippers have plush faux fur lining as well as a memory foam sole that offers support, whether you’re vacuuming your floors or helping your kiddo prep their next school project, your feet will be cozy and comfy.

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Dry brushing wakes your senses up like no other self-care practice, feels absolutely incredible, and leaves you with silky-smooth skin and an all over body glow. This dry brush from goop is made from pure, natural sisal and exfoliates lightly to sweep away dead skin and reveal glowing and smooth skin. Follow it with this rich, luxurious dry body oil that’ll leave your whole body smooth, supple, and glowing.

Remember, it's the thought behind the gift that truly matters, so don't stress too much about finding the perfect present. Whether it's a small token of appreciation or a grand gesture, the most important thing is to show Mom how much she is loved and cherished.

Here's to celebrating YOU and all the incredible moms out there! Be sure to enter the Month of Mama Giveaway for your chance to win and to receive exclusive savings, and stay tuned to @FIT4MOMHQ for all the Month of Mama FUN!

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