Make it a Date: 5 Move Partner Workout

Working out with your BFF, another mama, or your partner can help you find extra motivation, have fun, and helps time pass quicker (which is especially nice when you're struggling to get through a tough rep that's wearing you out!) Grab your bestie and do this bodyweight workout built for two...

partner workout

While we love making it to in-person classes such as Stroller Strides or Body Back, sometimes it's nice to take a break from the crowds and do something from the comfort of your own home, in your backyard on a nice day, or at the gym with a friend for a change of scenery.

In honor of Valentine's Day coming up our fitness experts put together this 5-move partner workout; make it a date, have fun, and have a good workout, whether you have 10 minutes or 30.

The Exercises

  • Toe Taps & Squat Jumps
  • Partner Plié Squat
  • Squat & Plank Walk-Outs with High-Fives
  • Partner Lunge & Knee Lift
  • V-Sit with Rotation & Fist Bump

The Workout

Do ten reps of each exercise listed above; repeat the entire workout 2-3 times through. If you a short on time, repeat 1-2 times; some movement in your day is better than none, even if you only have 10 minutes to sneak in!

Let's Get to It!

1. Toe Taps & Squat Jumps

Facing your partner, lift your right foot to touch your partner’s right foot. Jump to change feet 4x. Plant your feet hips distance apart, bend your knees to lower your hips into a squat, & jump. Make sure to land back in your original position of your knees bent & hips low to complete the squat jump. Do this jump 4x. Go back to your toe taps & repeat the sequence a total of 4 times.

2. Partner Plié Squat

While facing your partner, rotate your legs so your knees and feet point outwards. Take a step out wide so that your heels are wider than your hips. Roll your shoulder blades down your back & try to keep your chest over your hips. Hold your partner’s right hand. Grab your partner’s left hand, under the clasped right hands & bend your knees an inch. Let go of the right hands and then re-clasp under the left as you lower your hips again. Repeat this until you have switched hands 4x. Reverse this motion as you straighten your legs an inch at a time to return to standing.Complete the down & up motion 12 times.

3. Squat & Plank Walk-Outs with High-Fives

Stand facing your partner with about 8 feet in between you. Stand with your feet hips distance apart. Bend your knees so that your hips & but sit back (as if you were sitting in a chair) with your chest remaining up. Place your hands on the ground and walk them forward for 4 steps. High five your partner with right hands and then left hands. Bend your knees and walk your hands back to your toes in 4 steps. Drop your hips, lift your chest, & find your squat again. Repeat this 8 times.

4. Partner Lunge & Knee Lift

Start with holding right hands with your partner & then clasp left hands under the right ones. Step back with your right leg and bend your back knee towards the ground (almost touching it) into a lunge. Straighten both legs as you lift your left knee towards your partner. Try not to let the left leg touch the ground as you repeat the lunge. Do this 8 times on the right and 8 times on the left.

5. V-Sit with Rotation & Fist Bump

Sit on the ground next to your partner with about 1 foot between you and both of your right shoulders facing towards each other. Bend your knees in front of you with heels on the floor and toes to the sky. Roll your shoulder blades down your back and lean back. Twist away from your partner and touch the ground with your fists. Rotate back to your partner and give a fist bump before rotating away again. The goal is to maintain good posture & move slowly. Repeat this side for 8 times before switching sides & repeating for 8 more.

Grab a date and get moving! Be sure to share your workout with us on IG & FB - tag us @FIT4MOMGQ and use the hashtags #FIT4MOM #strengthinmotherhood

PS - We're coming out with a second partner workout soon, so keep an eye out! If you're looking for more workout ideas, check out this one that you can do anytime, anywhere (even with a stroller and kids in-tow).

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