Easy DIY Green Beauty Overnight Firming Mask

Your body changes with pregnancy, and your face seems to change with a little bit a time and lots more whining than you once heard. Not to fear, today we have a simple and wonderful overnight firming mask to help tighten up that gorgeous face of yours. Bonus, this lovely lady helps with dark circles, not that moms know anything about those.

  • Mix together:
  • - 1 tbsp almond oil or coconut oil (almond is a better FIRMING agent, but sticky)
  • - 10 drops of lemon essential or about a tablespoon of fresh lemon (I think fresh lemon is more effective)
  • - Rub thoroughly all over your face AND NECK, and then apply some extra to any trouble spots BUT be careful around your eyes
  • - Sleep.
  • - Good morning beautiful!