Month of Mama: Week 1, HIIT IT MAMA: Tabata Workout

HIIT IT MAMA: Your Weekly HIIT Workout this weeks is a Tabata Workout!

A tabata workout is a form of high-intensity interval training that allows you to get a lot of work in, in a short amount of time. It is designed to get your heart rate up with a short rest between movements.

The idea is that you work at FULL CAPACITY in each movement, knowing it is a short and intense burst, with a rest period right behind it. This workout is designed for a woman who has been previously exercising, and whose body is healthy enough for a greater challenge. Please listen to your body and ask a professional if you are unsure of any moves, or if your body is ready for this type of intensity.

To modify any move, simply remove the IMPACT.

Month-of-Mama-Week-1-Tabata Workout.png

Here is a printable to save this workout and do it on your own time!