Benefits of Mommy and Me Classes: The FIT4MOM Difference

A quick Google search will confirm what most new mamas know to be true: motherhood can be overwhelming and lonely and we crave connection and a supportive village. While there are a million different “mommy and me” classes out there (also confirmed via a quick Google search!), we have found over the past 21 years that although moms come for a workout they can do with their children present, they stay with FIT4MOM for the community and the connections.

“When I started FIT4MOM, I didn’t want to miss a moment of my baby’s new life but also knew that I needed to take care of myself too,” shares FIT4MOM founder, Lisa Druxman. “So I created an exercise routine for new moms with the idea that they would benefit from working together to restore their well-being, build friendships, and get support for the highs and lows of motherhood.”


What really sets FIT4MOM apart is our inclusive and supportive community—the special sauce our members know as “Our Village”. The Village is about friendship, providing resources and education, and facilitating important connections; connections we define as “Mom-to-Mom”, Mom-to-Self,” and “Mom-to-Baby.” The Village encourages Mom-to-Mom connection through activities, exercise, and events before, during, and after class. Instructors begin class with a warm welcome, allowing moms to get to know one another and share; during class, instructors foster interactions through partner exercises; and after class, they encourage connections through playgroups, Mom’s Night Out events, and more. Sounds like a dream, right?!


The Mom-to-Self connection is designed to promote maternal health, allowing moms to prioritize self-care and reap the mental benefits of physical activity. At different times throughout each class, FIT4MOM instructors foster this connection through cueing, exercises, or meditation. Instructors create an environment where moms can be fully present with themselves by interacting with the children with bubbles, singing, music, and more. In the FIT4BABY prenatal program, instructors incorporate meditation and exercises to help their pregnant clients get through not only the physical but the mental aspects of labor. A recent study published by the Journal of the International Society for Affective Disorders shows that physical activity during pregnancy is associated with a reduction in the odds and severity of prenatal depression and anxiety, as well as reduced stress and improved quality of life.

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Because babies are what bring moms together, the Mom-to-Baby connection and “Fun-for-Baby” activities are two additional signatures of FIT4MOM classes. Our stroller-friendly workouts—such as our flagship program, Stroller Strides—incorporate these connections and activities for the cognitive development of the babies, socialization, and special parent-baby bonding time! Studies have shown that exposing babies to music can speed up speech and language development, so FIT4MOM instructors and moms sing songs, recite the alphabet, and count out loud to the children during exercises. Instructors also incorporate bubbles, colorful scarves, and musical instruments to aid in sensory development and motor skills in babies. One of the most important benefits during class is that our mamas are modeling wellness and kindness to their children; during class, the children watch their moms have fun while working out and socializing, creating a positive association between fitness and socialization at very early ages!

“When I joined FIT4MOM, I had no idea how much it would impact my life. What I thought was ‘just a workout’ quickly became so much more when I noticed how much more patient and happy I was as a new mom, and when I saw what an incredible experience it was for my daughter too,” explains Tawnee Grammatico of FIT4MOM San Diego. “During our 3 years at FIT4MOM San Diego, she learned how to count to 10 (both forward and backward!), sing the ABCs, share snacks and toys, and communicate with others. Best of all, my daughter created friendships at a young age and she is still close friends with them to this day—over 5 years later.”

From day one, it’s been clear that motherhood takes a village… and in today’s world, moms need that community and support more than ever! Moms need fitness for their mental and physical well-being. Mama, if you’re looking for a reason to get out of the house and are searching for a community to get support, connect with other moms, and create friendships… if you’re looking to create special moments with your babies and support your child’s growth and development the best you can… we’ve got you.

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