Growing a Thriving FIT4MOM Community

Hey, FIT4MOM friends!

My name is Rachel and I’m mom to Abby, 11, and Charlotte, 9. I first found Stroller Strides in San Diego when my oldest was a toddler in 2014. I fell in love with the community and classes, so becoming a Stroller Strides instructor in September 2016 was a natural progression. Since then, I have gotten certified in all FIT4MOM programs (it’s a bit addicting!) and am also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, and ACE certified Health Coach. We moved to Sunnyvale in May 2021, and I took over this franchise in June 2022.

When I bought this re-sale, only 4 members stayed with me. Within a month, classes went from 1-2 mamas to 20+. I believe I was able to grow the classes and community by being enthusiastic (“you times TWO”), authentic (I embrace who I am), and inclusive (everyone is welcome, come as you are!).

Our village is unique because Silicon Valley is not exactly known for being a family-friendly, mom-friendly place. It’s expensive and near impossible to live here as a stay-at-home mom, let alone if you go back to work AND have to pay crazy childcare costs. The wealth here is astounding, but the affordability is impossible. Many mamas moved directly from India, China, Europe, and all over the country for a tech job for themself or their partner.

Let’s also talk about how insanely educated the mamas here are. They have PhD and master’s Degrees. They have been listed in Time magazine, work for the 49ers, and are a Futurist (what does that job even mean?!). My job is to remind all of them (myself included) that they do not need to compare themselves to the mama next to them. Or who they were before the baby. That they are enough. Because all mamas, no matter how educated they are or how expensive their house is, suffer from the same imposter syndrome. And they feel isolated and alone.


This means that the mamas in our village are CRAVING community. Most don’t have family nearby. English may not be their first language, or they may not have a driver's license. Or their in-laws live with them 6 months out of the year. Some know they are only here for a year or two; others hope they can afford to stay.

What keeps me going are the mamas who have found their forever friends through us or who come back to us when they are pregnant with baby #2 and then baby #3. For so many of them, FIT4MOM is their village and their home.

Rachel Kitt, FIT4MOM Sunnyvale-Mountain View


FIT4MOM® is honored to be named to the Top Low-Cost Franchise List from Entrepreneur Magazine for 2024. This honor is a testament to our company’s unique business and the opportunity we provide moms to successfully and seamlessly combine entrepreneurship with the demands of motherhood.

If you want to become an entrepreneur and own a local business, we invite you to learn more about our franchise opportunities. Created by moms for moms, FIT4MOM is more than just a workout. We are a village of moms who build connections, empowerment, and strength in motherhood nationwide. Join our village of Franchise owners and create a community for moms in your neighborhood while building a successful business with your kids by your side.

Moms need a village, and it starts with you.


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