Grilled Peaches with Coconut Nicecream

Is there anything better than fresh peaches in the summer?! I mean, besides getting quality time with our kiddos out of school and family vacations, of course...

This recipe is the perfect summertime dessert, so easy, so quick, AND it's inexpensive. Try our favorite summer fruit on the grill, and your next BBQ is sure to be a hit for both littles and adults!



  • 4-6 peaches (use 1/2 peach per person as your shopping list/prep guide)
  • ground cinnamon
  • optional, coconut sugar
  • optional, fresh mint, chopped finely
  • Chosen Foods coconut or avocado oil


  1. Pre-heat BBQ to 350-400 degrees F
  2. Wash peaches and cut them in half, removing the pits and stems
  3. Use sprayable coconut or avocado oil and spray insides of peaches until evenly and lightly coated
  4. Sprinkle each top of peach (the flat inside not the furry outside that you just sprayed) with ground cinnamon and coconut sugar
  5. Set inside-down on grill and grill about 10 minutes, checking occasionally to make sure peaches do not burn
  6. Remove from grill and let cool
  7. Top with one of our favorite (and healthy!) coconut ice cream recipes, which you can find here
  8. Optional, top peaches+ ice cream with fresh mint

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Recipe by Shelley of Seashells and Sit Ups