22 Reasons to Love FIT4MOM

🎶 I don't know about you, but we're feelin' 22... 🎶

We've got Alexa replaying Taylor Swift's "22" all month long as we celebrate FIT4MOM's 22nd birthday! 22 years of supporting women through all ages and stages of motherhood; 22 years of connection, friendship, and Strength in Motherhood®.

The strollers, music, and workouts may have changed a bit over the last 22 years, but one thing remains the same: there's nothing quite like FIT4MOM. This month, we're sharing 22 reasons to love FIT4MOM. What would you add, Mama?


22. FIT4MOM was developed by moms, for moms

21. FIT4MOM offers something for everyone with 8 different class formats

20. FIT4MOM fosters friendships for kids

19. FIT4MOM creates jobs for moms to do with kids in tow (as an instructor or franchise owner!)

18. FIT4MOM sets your daily routine/rhythm, for Mama and littles

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17. FIT4MOM provides early childhood development benefits for kids

16. FIT4MOM isn't just a stroll in the park (unless you want it to be!), it's a tough workout

15. FIT4MOM helps you model healthy habits for your family

14. FIT4MOM is a judgment-free zone: you can feed baby, change diapers, babywear, you name it during class


13. FIT4MOM classes surround you with moms who have been or are right where you are each day

12. FIT4MOM On Demand is available 24/7 for days you can't make it to class

11. FIT4MOM members get access to exclusive partner discounts through our Our Village Perks Program (coming soon!)

10. FIT4MOM has the cutest retail! AKA your Monday-Sunday mom uniform


9. FIT4MOM has mom-only HIIT and strength classes

8. FIT4MOM instructors blow bubbles, sing songs, play games, and more to entertain the kids

7. FIT4MOM has classes for every stage of motherhood, from prenatal to decades postpartum

6. FIT4MOM plans monthly girl's nights so Mama can get some "me time"


5. FIT4MOM offers weekly play dates and activities for littles

4. FIT4MOM instructors plan themed workouts and playlists to ensure no two classes are the same

3. FIT4MOM instructors are all certified in prenatal/postnatal fitness

2. FIT4MOM fosters friendships and community

1. FIT4MOM has over 1800 locations nationwide

Our mission remains the same: FIT4MOM offers pre and postnatal health, wellness, and fitness programs for every stage of motherhood. All of our programs were created by moms for moms to provide Strength in Motherhood®. Ready to find a location, Mama? Your first class is always free!

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