Because as mamas, we get it. We get YOU. Our programs and classes are designed by moms for moms to tap into your emotional AND physical prenatal and/or postpartum journies and transformations. Whether you're a first time new mom or a seasoned mama on baby #4 or 5, or whether you're struggling with PPD, PPA, or not, FIT4MOM has a class or a program for you...and more than that, we have a community for you. You are never alone through motherhood. FIT4MOM will be by your side in whatever age or stage of motherhood you are in.

Our programs are designed for the various phases of physiological change a prenatal, newly postnatal mom, and mama of any age or experience. The mental piece is just as important as staying healthy and strong. Our programs tie in the physical, mental and emotional aspects of motherhood to support you where you are and what you need.


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Training pre and postnatal women is not only our passion at FIT4MOM, it is also our area of expertise. We understand the postural deviances created in the shifts at the lumbar spine and shoulders as baby grows each trimester and what exercises can help avoid or rectify them. We know the feto-protective mechanisms in place during a healthy pregnancy and which exercise can help to enhance...for mama and babe. We also fully understand the physical challenges of labor recovery and the new "biomechanics" of motherhood. For instance, our Global Fitness Director, Farel, weighed in on the controversial topic of crunches while pregnant here.

As a mother, whether it's your first pregnancy or your fourth, your body changes profoundly during pregnancy, and the physical demands of caring for infants, toddlers, and kids is demanding. As prenatal and postpartum fitness experts, we got you, Mama. Throughout the entire motherhood journey, body, mind, and spirit, we are here for you every step of the way (literally).

Seeing that it's a new year and "fitness," "weight-loss," and "getting out of my comfort zone" are common new year resolutions, we want to share a quick recap of all of our programs. Whether you're looking to workout with your baby in tow, find some peaceful mama time without your little(s), or connect with your community and other mamas in your area, #wegotyou.


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FIT4BABY® is our prenatal fitness program designed to address the incredible postural shifts that happen throughout pregnancy to help you both increase strength and decrease muscle fatigue and pain. This can be a very powerful, and anxious, time in a woman’s life and FIT4BABY addresses her journey with empowerment and education. With programming steeped in the most current research and ACOG guidelines, you will be training for the pregnancy journey, labor & delivery and creating the strength to “MOM” when that baby is born!


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Stroller Strides® and Stroller Barre® address the unique experiences of the newly postpartum mom. At this time in motherhood, you may be trying to figure out what this new world looks like and how you fit into this new role. Our classes are taught by instructors who are nationally certified to address the needs of the postpartum body. Your body will have changed more in 9 months than a man's will in his entire lifetime...the training back from that needs to be specific to those changes. Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre programs focus on all over strength, including the rehabilitation of diastasis recti (abdominal separation) which can occur during pregnancy. They are also coached on the power of connection and inclusivity; the need for community and creating a sense of belonging.


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Body Back® is our program for the mom who has “outgrown” Stroller Strides or Stroller Barre and is in a place to focus solely on herself…maybe for the first time. Our HIIT workouts create a fitness experience to truly change her strength and performance. Body Back workouts address cardio, strength, and core; giving you a total body workout which addresses the lasting physical needs of moms of any age. Even though she may not be in the "postpartum" phase of motherhood, she may still be living with a weakened core & pelvic floor and many of the postural dysfunctions that both pregnancy and motherhood can bring. The nutrition coaching guides her understanding of how to eat to fuel her body and not sabotage success. Finally, the mental, or cognitive modification, segment allows for her to focus on the inner dialogue she has been holding onto which may have been holding her back.


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Run Club is a program to connect with moms and is designed to suit all levels. Whether you've never run in your life, or whether you're training for a marathon, we got you, Mama. Run Club addresses topics like gait, interval training, finding the right shoes for you...and so much more! Run Club is offered in select locations, so visit FIT4MOM.COM under "locations" to see if your local FIT4MOM offers this program.


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Our Village® is our community outreach program and events group. It's Mom's non-fitness space to find support, network, connect, empower, and truly feel the power of a village. Monthly activities are scheduled in your local area like moms' night outs, playgroups, book clubs, family events, charitable events, and more. Just like Jack Johnson says, we're always better when we're takes a village to raise children, and FIT4MOM is here for you and your family.

All FIT4MOM programs, classes, and events are created and designed for all moms, in all stages of motherhood. We want women to have the opportunity to find more than just a workout. We want moms to feel supported through prenatal and postpartum support, whether they're having their first baby, feeling lost as a new mom and a "rookie", or as a seasoned mama pro on baby #4 or 5. Read more about what programs and classes we offer here. We can't wait to meet you and see you in class, sweet Mama!

At FIT4MOM, we truly understand motherhood and the perfect pregnancy and postpartum workout. Our classes speak specifically to the chapter of motherhood you are in and to fitness for moms. Our instructors have been trained to teach effective and powerful programs which make both physical and emotional transformations possible. FIT4MOM is here to show you your own magic and power and Strength In Motherhood™! Come join us by finding your nearest location here.

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