Motherhood Untold: Miscarriage & Cancer

*You are not alone. Our blog series, Motherhood Untold, tells the stories of real moms navigating motherhood's struggles, triumphs, and challenges.

In this installment of Motherhood Untold, we hear from Alyssa Rives, a FIT4MOM fan who kindly shared her story with us.

Living in Naples, FL, Alyssa is known as "Mama" to three toddlers (4, 3, and 2 years old), each with a unique personality that keeps her on her toes. When she discovered she was expecting her fourth baby, she quickly entered to win a giveaway co-hosted by FIT4MOM and Ergobaby--and won! A moment that should've been purely joyous quickly turned into a nightmare. Life had different plans.

"My middle baby turned 3 on 02/26, so we wanted to do something fun and special for him since we don’t get to do much. We decided to take our babies to Seaworld since we were approved for Seaworld preschool passes free for the year! Everyone was so excited and happy, and I didn’t want to ruin it just because Mommy wasn’t feeling good, so off we went. At around 11 p.m., I started having really bad back pain and cramping. At around 1 a.m. on the 27th, I had a miscarriage. I was devastated and cried like I’d never cried before. I sat in the shower alone. I picked myself up and went to bed so that Mommy could be there for my birthday boy in the morning.”

While she grappled with this unimaginable loss, another battle was lurking just around the corner. Alyssa notes, "I began showing symptoms in December. With three toddlers, it's not unusual for one to pick up bugs now and then. I just assumed I caught something they had."

It wasn’t until May, after spending countless hours in the ER and constantly being told all she had was an ear infection, that a doctor finally took notice that what she had was much more serious. She reveals, "On May 11th, the emergency room doctor got in touch with an ENT specialist due to concerns about my condition." The diagnosis? Laryngeal carcinoma.

The journey that followed was marked by courage and an unwavering spirit. “After 35 radiation treatments, I struggled with some severe side effects, making it hard for me to even speak or swallow," shares Alyssa. Yet, her spirit remained unbroken. "On the brighter days, I ensure I'm there with my kids - crafting, playing, or just cuddling up for a movie."

Alyssa's story isn't just about the battles she's faced but also the hope and resilience with which she's faced them. She leaves us with a message of faith: "I'm currently on my road to recovery. By September end, I'll find out if I'm cancer-free. I remain hopeful and place my trust in God."

We thank Alyssa for sharing her heartfelt story, and we send her all of our love and wish her a swift recovery. All moms need a village, and Alyssa, we are privileged to have you as a part of ours. For those inspired by her story and wish to stay updated on her journey, you can follow her on Instagram @littocuties.

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