Jogging Stroller Safety Tips


Did you know that June is national safety month? Let's keep you and your baby safe by sharing some jogging stroller safety tips.

- If your stroller has a swivel wheel, you must lock it forward during any exercise such as power walking, jogging, hiking or rough terrain. This provides greater stability for your stroller and helps prevent the possibility of tipping over.

- Use of a car seat adapter is encouraged for babies from 0 - 8 weeks old. Children develop at different rates. Most babies don't have the neck strength for jogging motion until 8 months. You can consult with your pediatrician.

- Make sure to use the stroller's wrist strap while doing any type of exercise. Also,lock the parking brake any time the stroller is stopped. The strap provides added security by keeping the stroller near you during your routine, while the brake assists you at rest.

- Always buckle your baby in the stroller. You wouldn't let your baby go without a seat belt in the car and you shouldn't in the stroller. Even if your baby doesn't have the strength to get out of the seat, the stroller could be tipped or get knocked over. Stay strapped!

- Keep the stroller close to you. When not pushing the stroller, keep the stroller a hand's distance away so that you can easily reach your stroller. You will be ready to react if the stroller starts to roll or gets knocked.

- Be careful of diaper bags. Strollers go through rigorous testing to prevent tipping. But if you load the stroller with diaper bags and such, it may be tip over.

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