International Women's Day: We Celebrate Strength In Motherhood ®

We celebrate Mom - doing her greatest work, whether that's inside or outside of the home. We celebrate the dad supporting his wife's career so she can raise a baby AND shatter glass ceilings; the dads who help out with laundry and dishes and scrubbing a toilet so Mom doesn't feel too overwhelmed - so she feels supported. We celebrate the mom who has to go back to work immediately after her maternity leave is up. The mom who wants to be a stay-at-home mom. The mom who got accepted into a Master's Program or wants to get her AA or finish college. The family of two moms, or two dads; one mom and one dad or a co-parenting dynamic of a step-mom and a step-dad. We celebrate the WOMEN who are a stand for community. The Strength in Motherhood®.


Moms Need Moms + Moms Need Support

Moms need other moms; someone to text at 2am when you just really need your BFF after waking up to a crying baby for what feels like the 33rd time that night; someone to ask for carpool help from when you can’t pick up your daughter from her soccer practice at the exact same time your son gets out of his LEGO club at school; someone to ask you if you’re okay when they have a hunch you may be struggling; someone to invite you into their girl-gang-mom-group when you need to get out of the house for a break; someone to come to a workout class with you, when you might not be overly comfortable with your new postpartum body; someone to just be there, with a listening ear and warm heart, because, they too, are a woman and a mother, so know what it’s like to go through the ups and downs of parenthood.

Power in Community

We are often asked what the best way to find other moms is, and our answer is simple: community. Whether it’s via local meet-ups with other mamas, mom wellness groups and workout classes or even virtual connections through friendships found via online platforms, when women enter into the realm of motherhood, they need one another. They need TLC, support, and another human being who knows what it’s like to walk in their shoes, because they’re walking right along with them.

Founded by Lisa Druxman in 2001, FIT4MOM will soon celebrate its 18th birthday. That’s 18 years that women - mothers - have been the focus. 18 years moms have been leaders in their local communities, 18 years of franchise owners bringing conversation of motherhood and comfort of a village into their neighborhoods, 18 years of building and shaping mompreneurs, watching them blossom and grow, and 18 years of encouraging and empowering women business owners and boss babes to take care of themselves and their families, through fitness and through balanced living.

International Women's Day + FIT4MOM

Friday, March 8th, groups and individuals worldwide are celebrating women's achievements; "from grassroots activism to worldwide action, we are entering an exciting period of history where the world expects balance. We notice its absence and its presence," says International Women's Day. This International Women's Day the theme is #balanceforbetter, and we are celebrating Strength in Motherhood®. No matter what your journey through mamahood looks like, we honor you, we cherish you, we respect you. If we want to better the balance and therefore, better the world, we believe the concept of balance needs to resonate deep into today's modern mom. "Gender balance is essential for economies and communities to thrive," and that is especially true for motherhood - balance, in general, is essential for healthy, happy, successful moms, inside and outside of the home, work,

Celebrating Womanhood + Motherhood

A balanced world is a better world, and so is a world in which all forms of modern day parenting are respected and valued. We honor and celebrate the mom staying home with her children and doing her greatest work, the dads supporting their spouses’ career, the dad taking extended paternity leave to support his family in more ways than a corporate 9-5 paycheck, the mom taking a step back in her career, taking on the most important role of her life, the boss mom or mompreneurs working 60 hours a week, the dad who does laundry, cooks meals, and isn’t afraid to scrub a toilet, the mom who’s back to work after maternity leave, the mom who decided to go back to school, the mom who stayed home to raise her littles, then went back to work, one working parent or the single mom, two working parents or the single dad, two moms, two dads, one mom and one dad, one really strong mom; the WOMEN who are a stand for community…The Strength in Motherhood™.

We Support You

While no two journeys of motherhood are alike, that’s what makes it so beautiful…because, whether a mom is a stay-at-home mom, works part-time from home, clocks into her corporate 9-5 job or is CEO of her company, WE SUPPORT YOU. Whether a mom has a spouse at home, is a military wife whose partner is deployed, or is the only working parent in her household, WE SUPPORT YOU. Whether a mom is married to another woman, married to a man, or not married at all, WE SUPPORT YOU. Whether a mom had a natural birth, a C-section, or adopted, WE SUPPORT YOU. Whether a mom breastfeeds, bottle-feeds, or exclusively pumps to boost her supply or because she’s at work, WE SUPPORT YOU. Whether a mom can run five miles or is getting ready for her first postpartum workout, WE SUPPORT YOU. We support women; we support moms. We support The Strength in Motherhood™.

Empowerment, grace, strength, and empathy are what moms need to give other moms; what women need to give other women - AND what women need to remember to give to themselves. FIT4MOM is proud to be a resource for all of that and more.

Every Stage of Motherhood

FIT4MOM focuses on women’s health and motherhood through fitness, empowerment, and the “you are not alone in this” mentality. Beyond offering classes and programs for every stage of motherhood, FIT4MOM is what it is today because of its community; moms all over the nation come together each day; they show up to a Stroller Strides, Body Back, or Stroller Barre class when it’s -12 degrees; they show up to class in messy buns and leggings a newborn may have just spit up all over, they show up with a crying baby to a safe space with zero judgement; they breastfeed in class or bring bottles of formula in their diaper bag, because they are empowered by other strong women around them encouraging them to mom in the very best way they know how; the way they want and chose to mother; the way that feels right for their values and their family. Moms come to class for a workout; to strengthen their arms so they can carry their newest accessory, a carseat, or maybe it’s to strengthen their core after having Diastasis Recti Abdominis (fancy medical terminology for ab separation). Moms come to class to increase their running endurance, as they are training for a 5K, a half marathon, or maybe just to be able to chase their toddler quicker…and, mamas find and lean on the FIT4MOM village throughout their motherhood journey because of its community; a beautiful one filled with mamas from all different walks of life, all different backgrounds, and all different cities, states, countries, and cultures.

Because, moms need moms. Moms need community. Moms need support - to feel empowered, and simply, to be okay and to thrive, inside and out.

Strength in Motherhood®

We want YOU to celebrate womanhood + motherhood with us this International Women's Day, so we made these cute little cards for you to fill out - have a girl's night and fill these out with friends, bring them to a FIT4MOM class and fill them out together, or take a few minutes to yourself when your little one is napping to write...Want to take a selfie with a big print-out or add specific images/sayings to your IG feed or story? Find page-sized cards here. Looking to save paper and print 4 to a sheet? Download those here.