Goal Setting and Practicing What You Preach

We asked our founding mama, Lisa Druxman, to share her input on goal setting and how to ensure you actually


As 2017 is in full swing, we want you to circle back to your New Year's Resolutions...

Do you feel a bit off track? If you do, it may not be due to the actual goals you've set, but how you set them. If your goals seem too overwhelming, reverse engineer them. What's reverse engineering? It's the process of taking something apart to see how it works. So, let's start with your goals - analyze the end goal and work backward to see how they can more easily come together.

Lisa uses the 10 strategies below to keep herself moving in the right direction, and says her biggest success is in breaking goals down into the smallest chunks. If any part of them seem too overwhelming, she breaks them down again.


1. Ask yourself w h a t you want to accomplish and by w h e n . Then, make it S . M . A . R . T . [Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely] and make a list of each and every goal. You're more likely to achieve goals that motivate you.

2. Take that list and write down what you need to know and/or do in order to meet each goal successfully. List each and every step you need to take to achieve what you're hoping to accomplish.

3. Sit down in peace and quiet and really channel what it would feel like to accomplish the goals you're setting for yourself. Focus on one at a time...after reading this, close your eyes and visualize each individual goal and what joy it would bring to you. How would it make you feel to accomplish it?

Once you do that, imagine how you would feel if you didn't accomplish it. The disappointment. The regret...Make it as real as you can. Athletes like Michael Phelps picture themselves going for the win. You should visualize successfully meeting each goal, as little or as large as they seem.


4. Make sure your goal is in alignment with your values. What is your why? For example, if you want to start a new business, but your why is to be home with kids, is that actually achievable for you to do both? If you're thinking of becoming a FIT4MOM franchisee business owner, then YES, it actually is. Request information about opening your own FIT4MOM franchise here.

5. Spend some time analyzing and over viewing if there are any risks associated with your goals, specifically, if they involve finances - business ventures - career - travel - etc. Are there any financial risks that may get in the way for your end goal? Do you have enough time to achieve what you're hoping to achieve? Do you have the personal manpower to follow through efficiently? Make sure you've thought through them all thoroughly so you can move forward with confidence.

6. Go back to #1 where you wrote down the date you wanted to achieve each goal by. Then look at #2 and re-read through the steps. Break them down with their own time line. Set any new deadlines you need to to make sure you have enough time to focus without feeling overwhelmed or rushed.

7. Reach out to a friend or and find an accountability partner. You are more likely to achieve certain goals when someone else is holding you accountable, especially fitness, nutrition, or weight-loss goals. Find someone who will be there for you when you need their love, support, and encouragement.

8. Now take action and do what you need to do to succeed and meet the goals you set. Getting started can be one of the hardest parts of goal setting, so make a plan, a vision, and E X E C U T E . I T .

9. Set time aside to reflect. Consider doing it daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or each month. Check in with yourself and your progress to make sure you're staying on top of your time line, or acknowledge where you may be off-track. Reflection is a powerful tool that will seal the deal on your goal setting success.

10. Celebrate achievements. With each goal you successfully complete, give yourself a pat on the back, or go shout it from a mountaintop. Whether the goal was big or small, be proud of what you've accomplished, acknowledge your success, and congratulate yourself.

How do Y O U succeed with goal setting and following through with them?

Leave your input below in comments; we'd love to share your personal tips and tricks!