FIT4MOM Summer Bucket List

There is something about summer that just brings the life out of us, isn’t there?! Those sun-filled, warm-breeze days are here with us yet again (thank goodness) and that means the kids are home and the days are open to endless possibilities!

While the choices are endless, the freedom of summer can quickly turn into boredom and monotony without a plan, so let's break it up, shall we? We've created an easy-to-save summer bucket list: 15 fun things to do as a family this summer to keep things fresh and exciting!

There is a printable summer bucket list as well as a digital copy to save to your phone—whatever works for your family, we've got you covered! Happy summer, Mama!


15 fun things to do this summer as a family:

1. attend a FIT4MOM class

2. attend a FIT4MOM playdate

3. blow bubbles

4. go on a rainbow scavenger hunt

5. create a sidewalk chalk obstacle course

6. have a family movie night

7. cook a new recipe together

8. attend a FIT4MOM family event

9. go on an evening bike ride

10. have a water balloon fight

11. create a family playlist and have a dance party

12. complete a FIT4MOM On Demand family workout

13. visit your local library and checkout new books

14. discover a new trail and take a hike

15. visit a waterpark or theme park

Most importantly? Have fun, Mama! Let the pressure fade: let's make it our mission to have a slow, fun-filled, childlike summer. You in?

If you're looking for a mama-village to share in the summer fun, find your local FIT4MOM!

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