5 Lunchbox Tips for Busy Mamas

If your family falls into the 40% of U.S. children who bring their lunch to school, you might find yourself standing in the kitchen on any given morning wondering, “What am I going to make for my kid’s lunch today?”

You want it to be healthy… and you want it to be quick! While most kids have their “go-to’s”, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut! Offering different types of food helps our children get the nutrients they need from each of the five food groups, as well as encourages them to try new foods!

It may seem daunting, but it isn’t rocket science, Mama. Despite what Instagram and Pinterest are telling you, you don’t have to spend an hour in the kitchen creating elaborate scenes or chopping fruit into cute shapes (but if that’s your jam, we LOVE to see it! Get it, girl). The goal is to get as many of the 5 food groups as possible into that lunchbox as often as you can. That means:

  • Fruits: choose what your child enjoys; the more color the better
  • Vegetables: same as fruits, choose what your child will eat
  • Protein: this can be anything from lean meat, beans, nuts, tofu, fish, etc.
  • Grains: aim for whole grains, like whole wheat bread, crackers, pasta, rice, or popcorn
  • Dairy: milk (cows milk or an alternative), yogurt, and cheese are all great options

But most importantly, remember Mama: nutrition is cumulative! No sense in stressing if your kid doesn’t hit every food group at every meal. As long as you’re encouraging variety and offering new foods, the nutrition piece will come!

Note: if you are truly concerned about your child not receiving the proper nutrients, please talk to your pediatrician. These are all general guidelines and will not apply for every family or every child’s situation/nutritional needs.

To help streamline this daunting task, we’ve teamed up with our friends at GoBe Kids to provide some tips and tricks for busy mamas (aka all the moms). We love using the GoBe Lunchbox and snack spinners to simplify the amount of containers and packages needed each day. These convenient containers enable you to pack five distinct snacks alongside larger items, turning lunch into—dare we say—a delightful experience!

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Lunch Tips from FIT4MOM x GoBe

Prep in Bulk: Dedicate some time on the weekends to prep certain items in bulk. Chop vegetables, cook grains, and portion out snacks in advance. This saves time during busy mornings and ensures you have ingredients ready to go.

Sneak in Nutrients: Sneak in extra nutrients wherever you can. Add spinach to smoothies, zucchini to muffins, or grated carrots to sandwiches. It's a subtle way to boost their intake of vitamins and minerals.

Let Leftovers Shine: Leftovers from dinner can make excellent lunchbox options. Transform last night's grilled chicken into a wrap or toss cooked pasta with fresh vegetables for a delicious pasta salad.

Account for Allergies: If your child has allergies, ensure that their lunch is free from any potential allergens. Read labels carefully and communicate with your child's school if needed. For a great allergen-free snack, try That’s it. bars and crunchables!

Involve Your Kids: Engage your children in the lunch-packing process. Ask for their input on what they'd like to have during the week. This not only ensures their preferences are met but also empowers them to make healthy choices.


For our sandwich lovers, switch things up with a croissant, a wrap, or pretzel bun! These can easily in the large part of the lunchbox, while the snack spinner can be filled with additional items, like your fruit, veggies, and carbs.


Sandwiches not a thing? No worries! Rolled up lunch meat, like turkey or ham, pairs perfectly with whole grain pretzels, chopped veggies, and cheese in the snack spinner. Perfect for smaller appetites or younger kiddos, too!


The large compartment on the GoBe lunchbox is great for yogurts or fruit pouches! We try to stick to low-sugar/no added sugar options to ensure we can still include a treat. 😉 After all, we ALL deserve a treat every now and then!

Ready for a REAL treat, Mama?!

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