4 Moves for a Quick Hotel Room Workout

Whether you're a boss-babe traveling for work or traveling for pleasure, you're bound to feel trapped in a hotel room at some point this year.

So, Mama, if you're looking to get in a workout while away from your home and routine, work with what you've got in your hotel room and try these 4 moves you can do anytime, anywhere, in under 10 minutes.

Complete each of these 4 moves, 2 times through. If you want an extra oomph, add 60 seconds of heart-pumping cardio moves in between each set.


Suitcase Squat & Press

Your suitcase can easily double as a weight in your hotel room. And, keeping it full, emptying it out, or anywhere in between will help you progress or regress the intensity of this exercise quickly. Hold the suitcase at chest height, sit back into your heels and as you drive up, press the suitcase overhead. Return to the starting position and repeat. Complete 10-12 reps, slow and controlled.


Rearrange the Room Row

Your room will most likely have an extra chair or a side table. Place your suitcase, or any weight on top, and you have a great makeshift rowing device. Place the chair arm's distance away and sit back into your heels, hinge at the hips. Be sure to keep the back long and the core engaged. Pull the chair towards you by bending your elbows and then switch your grip and push the chair away. Complete 10-12 reps, slow and controlled.


Press Instead of Polish

Use the edge of the bed, desk, or the dresser to get a few push-ups in. With your feet wider than shoulder distance, step your feet back until your body is in a nice, straight line. Bend the elbows to bring your body toward the dresser. You may want to avoid eye contact because you know if you see dust you’re going to want to stop and clean … no time for that! Complete 10-12 reps, slow and controlled.


Plush Plank Pull

Grab the desk chair and place it behind the bed. Hands go on the bed, about shoulder distance apart, feet on the chair. With a long, strong back and engaged core, draw the chair in toward the bed and then push back out to a full plank position. Complete 10-12 reps, slow and controlled. If your chair doesn’t roll, you can still perform the elevated plank. Hold for 30-60 seconds.

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