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Lisa Druxman is ready to motivate you! It is her passion to raise healthy moms so that they can raise healthy kids in a healthy world. Get out of overwhelm and get in to living your best life as a mom! Join us as we inspire you each week to eat clean, live fit and be happy! We will talk food, fitness, life balance and living with purpose and passion. Lisa will bring on a variety of guests and will answer your questions!

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Whoever coined the term sleeps like a baby certainly never had a baby.

Do you think that sleep deprivation is the hardest part of having a baby?

Are you exhausted?


Listen in today because you don’t have to walk through life as a mombie.

My guest today is going to help you regain control of your sleep and your life!

This is Motivating Mom.

About Batya

Batya Sherizen (aka Batya the Baby Coach) has been a child sleep coach for nearly 10 years now.

She helps tired, frustrated, yet loving parents regain control of their sleep and their lives by using her gentle, proven methods to help babies sleep -- and sleep FAST!

So if you're ready to be that thriving, shining parent again...then it's time to stop getting up night after endless night with your baby...and it's time to start LIVING YOUR LIFE.

Learn more:




Are you ready to start living the life you want instead of chasing someone else’s dream?

In Love Your Life, Not Theirs, Rachel Cruze shines a spotlight on the most damaging money habit we have: comparing ourselves to others.

She then unpacks six other healthy money habits for living the life we really want without being buried under debt, stress, and worry.

Let’s start living.

This is Motivating Mom

About Rachel

As a #1 New York Times best-selling author and seasoned communicator, Rachel Cruze helps Americans learn the proper ways to handle money and stay out of debt. She’s authored two best-selling books: Love Your Life, Not Theirs and Smart Money Smart Kids.

The daughter of Dave Ramsey, she joined Ramsey Solutions in 2010 and uses the knowledge and experiences from growing up in the Ramsey household to educate others.

You can follow Cruze on Twitter and Instagram at @RachelCruze and online at rachelcruze.com,...


Is your career no longer a fit now that you are a mom?

Or is it just feeling lacking in passion or purpose in your life?

Do you dream of a change but fear the leap?

My guest today left her successful career in the pharmaceutical industry to have a career that gave her life meaning.

Find out how she made an action plan for this daring career change.

This is Motivating Mom.

About Tatyana

A PhD and an E-RYT, Tatyana Souza became a yoga teacher in 2011. Inspired by yoga training and by her two little kids, Tatyana left her career in the pharmaceutical industry to co-found Coolidge Corner Yoga in 2013, and later Sadhana Yoga in 2016.

A dreamer and believer in the "good", Tatyana wanted to lead by example for her little boys. She believes that yoga is the catalyst for personal and global change and hopes to make an impact in her community and the world by creating a warm, sacred space where yoga students can move, connect, and cultivate much needed stillness and breath in their daily life.


Do you want more happiness in your life?

Better health?

Better relationships?

What if I told you that it can all happen when you harness the power of gratitude.

Learn how your gratitude can cultivate happiness in your family.

This is Motivating Mom.


If you are looking for some inspiration, this is the episode for you.

My guest today defies all odds as a mom of triplets who is attempting to run 51 marathons (one in each state).

This month, she will be setting the Guinness World Record for fastest female while pushing a stroller for a half marathon.

Ready to be inspired?

This is Motivating Mom.

About Suzy

Suzy is a Christian, military spouse, and working Mom to triplets + a toddler.

She has run over 50 marathons in 42 different states.

Her next adventure is setting the Guinness World Record as the fastest female to run a half marathon while pushing a triple stroller.

Business website http://run51.blogspot.com


What would you give for more hours in the day?

Do you feel like you are always out of time?

You’re not alone.

While technology today is often a sap of our time, it can also help give it back to you.

Today I share with you my top 5 productivity tools to help you find more time in your day.

This is Motivating Mom.








Do you dream of starting a business during your baby’s naptimes?

Are you trying to work around your child’s schedule?

While the advice may be to sleep when baby sleeps, my guest today decided to start a business during her baby’s naptime.

Find out how she developed a successful website that now reaches nearly 2 million visitors each month.

This is Motivating Mom

About Maggie

Maggie, a self-confessed wedding junkie since the age of 13, is the founder of the Rustic Wedding Chic, a leading online resource for rustic and country weddings.

She has written 5 books, is a contributing writer for The Huffington Post, and has bee featured in several publications, including SUCCESS Magazine, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, The New York Times, and Martha Stewart Weddings.

Maggie lives in Connecticut with her husband and two boys.

Business Website



Are you a new mom who is stressed about going back to work?

Or are you back to work and stressing on being away from your sweet baby?

You’re not alone!

Learn how to prepare your baby, your boss and your brain for a successful return to work.

This is Motivating Mom.

About Elaine

Elaine is a Working Mom Support Coach who founded ThriveMomma to help new moms confidently go back to work after maternity leave and find balance as a working mother.

Elaine offers her clients virtual and in-person emotional and practical guidance organizing the back-to-work transition.

She lives in San Diego with her husband and two daughters.

Business Website


Business Facebook Page



Do you want your sex life back?

Or are you too tired to care?

Are you in a sexual rut?

This episode is for you if you miss that spark in your life and want to figure out how to get it back.

Join our special guest Kimberly Johnson to help us with some sexual discovery.

This is Motivating Mom.

About Kimberly

Kimberly Johnson is a certified Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Experiencing practitioner, doula, post-partum recovery specialist and yoga teacher.

She has taught workshops on the intersection of women's sexuality and spirituality throughout Brazil, Portugal and the United States.

She is the author of the upcoming book from Shambhala Publications entitled "The Fourth Trimester: A New Mother's Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions and Restoring Your Vitality."

She specializes in birth injury, birth trauma and sexual healing and currently works in private practice in Encinitas, CA.

Links for today’s show

Business Website



It’s time to take hold of the number one health problem that you don’t even know about.

Inflammation. Reducing inflammation in the body may be one of your key factors to improve your health.

My special guest today is Ashley Koff, RD.

She will teach us how to improve our daily choices to improve our total health.

This is Motivating Mom

About Ashley

Ashley Koff, RD, is an internationally-renowned registered dietitian who knows the key to resolving our national health crisis is to empower individuals to achieve better health from better nutrition.

Koff created the Better Nutrition, Simplified program, a nutrition toolkit so people can get Better Nutrition for Better Health.

In 2016, Koff launched her podcast, Take Out with Ashley and Robyn which invites listeners to learn...


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