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It’s early in the morning and you’re standing in your kitchen wondering, “What am I going to make for my kid’s lunch today?” You want it to be healthy … and quick! We all know the “go-to’s” that our kids enjoy and by all means, give those to them. But there are also some healthy options that you can put together in no time at all.

Let’s talk tools of the trade! I’m a HUGE bento box fan when it comes to packing my daughter’s lunch. It provides for the compartments she enjoys and I can make it fun in the process. Two of my favorite ones are Bentgo and Bentology. One has the compartments built in and the other are containers you put into the bento box – so search around and see what type you or your child might enjoy.

Everything tastes better if it’s a fun shape or color right?? At least with kids it does make a huge difference. My kitchen is stocked with various cookie cutters, fun toothpicks, food stamps, stickers, notes, etc... When you make the food look fun then you have a better chance that they...

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While SO much of motherhood can be new and, quite frankly, daunting, one thing doesn't have to be; moving your body for your mental and physical health. Each day, claim some time for yourself (and for your baby) to get moving with your stroller. It doesn't have to be a lot...just invest some time into your self-care. Here are some ways from Fit Pregnancy and FIT4MOM to add in a little strength work on your next walk or run:

  • Add in a plie squat for thigh and hip strength and stability. Be sure, at your lowest point, that your knees are stacked over your ankles, not your toes.
  • Create some great glute strength in a stroller squat. Be mindful to squeeze your glutes at the top of the squat.
  • Find a curb or a step and add in some calf raises. Keep your knees slightly bent.
  • Add in a walking lunge sequence into your walk or run. Keep front knee over the ankle and drive the step up...

Core Strengthening DURING pregnancy? ABSolutely!

The functions of your core musculature as your pregnancy progresses are numerous. The most important of which is to help stave off postural dysfunction. One of the significant spinal changes that may result from an increased anterior load (aka BABY) is an anterior pelvic tilt...this leads to an exaggerated arch at the low back. This arch, if not dealt with, can lead to muscle fatigue and pain. One of the key functions of your core musculature when it is strengthened is to help keep the pelvis in neutral. This, alone, is a fantastic reason to target core strength during pregnancy!

A quick review of the muscles of the core includes looking at it in a 3 dimensional and cylindrical way. Your core is much more than your "6 pack". Consider thinking of your core as a cylinder with a top; your diaphragm, and a bottom; your pelvic floor. The other major muscles that complete it are:

  • Transverse Abdominis: They are your deepest level and run parallel to the ground. When they contract they...
Exercise for mom...and baby!.jpg

Your baby could be born with a stronger heart!

We are so fortunate to be living in a time where research is available which supports that, not only is, exercise OK during is recommended! This is actually very new information. Just a generation ago, many women were treated as if their pregnant state was a state of disability. What we are enlightened now to know is that (a healthy) pregnancy is actually a "state of health" (Dr. James F. Clapp)

Knowing some of the amazing benefits for mom when fitness is added to a healthy pregnancy (possibly less incidence of gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and deep venous thrombosis), we now know the potential benefits for baby in utero.

Psychology Today reported the amazing benefits to baby's heart health when developing in an active mom. "...a new study has found that exercise during gestation significantly alters the vascular smooth muscle of an...


Welcome to Motherhood! Congratulations on becoming a are on such an incredible and powerful journey!

With this beautiful journey come feelings and worries, you may not have been ready for, as well. The most important thing to remember is that you are NOT alone...ever.

You are not alone in your healing - Every labor and delivery story is unique. Your story is your own and how you heal from it is also yours. We all heal, though. It's not a fast or easy process, however, you WILL heal. You are not alone.

You are not alone in your emotions - Bringing a baby into the world is a profoundly emotional experience. You are now a mom; a title you have NEVER embodied before. You love deeper. You worry more. Your joy is exponential. And your insecurities are enormous. You are not alone.

You are not alone in #themotherhood - Your FIT4MOM village is here to love, empower and support you! In this village, you are...


This FIT4MOM and BOB segment will give you 3 exercises to do on your next stroller walk or run. You will gain strength and endurance in these highly effective movements!

1. Plie Stroller Chest Press & Row - lower body, chest and back

2. Incline Cardio Back Pedal - lower body and cardiovascular endurance

3. Side Stroller Push/Pull (on a slight decline) - lower body and obliques

Give them a try!

#FridayFitnesswithFarel #FIT4MOM #Fit4Baby #StrollerStrides #StrollerBarre #BOB

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Mind Set.

Emotional Health.

Where do you desire progress? Where do you desire change or growth?

The KEY is Passion and Purpose...Knowing your WHY is paramount. Why do you desire progress in whatever area of your life? What does that mean to you? Identifying that will drive a greater passion.

Getting clear and "owning" your Purpose comes from that fire within...your Passion. Is it about a healthy lifestyle for your kids? Is it about being strong in body and mind to face challenge? Is it about the power of making good choices for you and your family? Is it about changing old "truths" you have believed about yourself? Find the fire within to direct your purpose and the Progress will come.

Step by step, you WILL get there and we are happy to help!

#FridayFitnesswithFarel #FIT4MOM #Fit4Baby #StrollerStrides #StrollerBarre...


There's one thing that struck me about becoming a mom. It makes you raw to the world. I mean you always knew that there was hate, conflict, war and injustice before becoming a mom. But something happens. You start to feel a connection, a personal responsibility to make the world a better place.

Once you become a mom, your heart is connected to all moms. It doesn't matter what city or what country you are from. We connect. When a mom hurts, we all hurt.

Right now, we are all hurting and filled with the sadness for Orlando. We are sad for the lost lives due to hate. We are broken hearted to our core for the loss of that poor little boy at Disneyworld.

There is no band aid. There is no fix. All I can share is a virtual hug. I'm sending each one of you my heart of a mom. Where there is sadness, there is also light. Look at the love and support of those around you. Hug your kids tight. Be grateful for the chaos of the day. As moms, let's be the light and the love that this world needs. And as Mr. Rogers said, "...


Moms, do you see (REALLY see) your strength? Your power? The ABUNDANCE in your life? It's there...but where, you ask?

Your abundance is in your LEGS - Those strong pillars of muscle which connect you to earth and move you through your world with your children in tow. You squat, lunge, sit and stand with such grace and power each and every day. See your strength now?

Your abundance is in your ARMS & SHOULDERS - Your "mom muscles" which hold and carry your beautiful babes. In your arms, they grow, wiggle and experience this beautiful life from the viewpoint you give them. See your strength now?

Your abundance is in your CENTER - Your incredible core is the center of your power, your stability and your launching point. Your world is about physically reacting with your children (in fun and in safety) and your center provides the place where your strength stems from. See your strength now?

Your abundance is in your HEART - You feel so...

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Introducing bottles to breastfed babies can be a stressful and emotional time for parents and baby.

Some moms feel guilt when baby is introduced to a bottle because it’s a huge change for baby, while some moms worry about nipple confusion (also known as nipple preference). Many parents are overwhelmed by the amount of information and advice on what bottles to use, and when to start using them.

Take a deep breath! It is important to remind yourself – and remind yourself OFTEN – that you are a great mom. Breastfeeding is important when you and baby are together; however, if you will be apart for a feeding, it will take some time and patience by your caregiver to teach a breastfed baby to take a bottle.

Here are some tips we find helpful when introducing breastfed babies to bottles:

  1. If you and baby won’t be apart for feedings, don’t feel pressured to introduce a bottle. Many moms are able to exclusively breastfeed! However, if you and your baby will be apart while you’re still breastfeeding – because you’re returning to...

MOMS...We see you.

We get your challenges (they are real). We know your struggles (also real). We feel your our bones! We also know a place called "Fervent Joy" lives in you, as well. Let's Go Get Her!

We used to:

  • Laugh without concern for volume or duration.

  • Run towards objects, people and experiences without hesitation.

  • LOVE without your children do.

Yes, adult-ing does ask for a bit of decorum. It's understood that we have responsibilities which ask for reasonably appropriate behavior. But, what about those times when it doesn't?? When your inner, fervent JOY can be released for the world to witness and then emulate?!

Your deep and beautifully chaotic JOY is still there...Let's go find her!

#FIT4MOM #FridayFitnesswithFarel


Being a mom is stressful, but there is one simple thing we can all do (besides working out ) to reduce our stress today... a bit of spring cleaning and DECLUTTERING!!

Living inside of a messy, disorganized space can make your life feel a little out of control. A couple of times a year we all need to evaluate our space and get rid of the things our family no longer needs.

Purging can be especially hard when you're a mom. Not only do we have emotional attachments to many things, but our kids do as well. Before you know it you might be holding onto every baby outfit and toy because they bring back such sweet memories. But you will drown in the clutter.

Come on – it's time to get rid of a few things and feel good about it because your'e either helping other families with your donations or making a few bucks for your family while making your living space a lot neater and cleaner!

Tip #1 – Be willing to purge; set some time aside, put on some fun music and get ready to be real. You haven't worn or used it in years? – get rid of it.

Tip #2 – It will be...

F4M-Marathon-FB-1200x900-02 (2).jpg

Do you put YOU first? Do you think that sounds selfish? We don’t! Most moms put themselves last on the priority list. There’s just not enough time, so you surely can’t make health a priority. It would be selfish of you to care for yourself, right? Wrong! Chances are that you are the back bone of your family. There’s no cheating in health. You can’t postpone it. It happens now. The longer you go without taking care of yourself, the longer and more severe the consequences can be. It’s a lot easier to get a few walks in a week than to be going to the doctor frequently due to illness.

This is why at FIT4MOM we are excited to bring you the FIT4MOM Virtual Marathon this month. We want you to take care of YOU, so by helping to give you goals, motivation, and a way to get out and move, then we are doing what we hope and we know YOU can do this!

Take care of YOU this month and every month, every day, every second. You get one chance, right? Take those challenges and get moving, and if you already are, then keep going because you are doing great.

You can still join in...


Mother's Day has come and gone, however, you deserve some pampering all year round, right?!? While I am a firm believer in moms taking care of themselves ongoing for the sake of others, sometimes this takes practice. Let's use the month of May to create some habits of self care that, hopefully, will continue all year long!

Our first week has passed but you are welcome to do some care retroactively (consider it extra credit).

WEEK ONE: Take a bath, 20 min walk alone, massage

WEEK TWO: Read part of a book, take a bath, write a note to a friend

WEEK THREE: Meditate or pray for 5 minutes, spend time with a friend, 20 minute walk alone

WEEK FOUR: Write in a journal, listen to a fun podcast, dance in your living room (personal fave)

It's a practice to recognize and then act on making yourself a priority in your life. You were here before your were here before the relationship that created your children...bring her/YOU back! Take time for your emotional health this, and...

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It’s a beautiful thing. Your body is a super-powered machine designed to convert food (aka calories) into potent kinetic energy, feeding that powerful squat or sprint with every bite. Of course, not all calories are created equal and there’s true science behind what your body needs before and after you workout. Not surprisingly, your system runs on different types of fuel for different needs. Timing is also a big factor and knowing when to get your nutrition in both pre and post workouts are critical to your optimum performance and recovery. If you don’t eat enough of the right types of macronutrients at the right time, you can actually ‘undo’ the beneficial effects of the workout before you ever get started. So, before you got hot and heavy into your fitness regimen, keep these guidelines in mind:

- Timing is everything. Enjoy a balanced macronutrient meal around 2 ½-3 hours prior to exercise in order to allow for digestion. Combine mostly high quality carbohydrates like beans, slow-burning grains, fruit and starchy vegetables with some protein and a little fat...


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