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This post was inspired by one of our new Body Back Instructors, Joelyn Blaskovich. She started class asking us all to put our arms up; you know that victorious position. We always talk in class about how our mind will influence our body. But she reminded us that our body also influences our mind.

How are you holding yourself, right now? Are you slumped over a computer? Are your shoulders rounded? Your head jetted forward? Is your brow furrowed or your jaw clenched? Or are you standing / sitting tall, proud? Head up, shoulders back? If you haven't followed my lead, do it now. Try it both ways and see how you feel. Now, hold your arms up, victorious. Feel it.

Your emotions do influence your physical body, but the reverse is also true. Amy Cuddy's TED Talk shows how power postures such as standing with legs astride and hands on hips can actually increase testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain. Simply put, we can change our own body chemistry just by changing our physical position. There are so many things we cannot control. But we can all stand tall, shoulders back and feel victorious!

Take a picture of yourself feeling victorious and tag FIT4MOM. #Victorious

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