Vegan Beanball Sub with Sauteed Kale Marinara

Makes 3 sandwiches


· ½ of my Kale & Lentil Balls recipe

· 2 cups of my Classic Red Red Sauce or Crockpot Red Sauce

· 2 cups chopped kale

· a drizzle of your favorite oil for sauteing veggies (or veggie broth if not using oil)

· 1 teaspoon chopped garlic

· Sprouted wheat or gluten free hot dog buns or sub sandwich rolls

note: You can make the full Kale & Lentil Balls recipe to make more sandwiches or freeze the rest of the balls for later, they freeze great. You can use any marinara sauce you like, but homemade is always delicious. You can also sub another green for kale, such as spinach or chard.


Make Kale & Lentil Balls. Make Classic Red Red Sauce or Crockpot Red Sauce.

Wash and chop kale. Saute kale and garlic in a pan using oil or veggie broth until wilted. Add red sauce and cook until warmed throughout.

Assemble sandwiches by toasting buns and placing 3 beanballs in each bun. Top with red sauce/kale mixture.

Serve with a side of Oven Baked Eggplant Fries (see recipe on blog).

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