The Power Of Moms

"If every Mom knew how awesome they are, every problem in the world would be fixed." - Kid President

Thank you Kid President! We feel the same way! The secret to changing the world is MOMS! Our Fit4Mom "We Believe" statement this month is... We Believe In The Power Of Moms.

Because of you, your kids will learn...

  • to be kind to others
  • to love
  • to laugh and have fun
  • to be good to the earth
  • to contribute
  • to be strong

Don't think you are powerful? Your family suffers greatly without you, even if just for a short time. You will make the world a better place because of the children you are bringing in to it. Every day, you are having an impact on your children. The lessons may not seem obvious in the midst of a tantrum or in the chaos of a day. But each day adds up to a lifetime of character.

You are powerful not only to your family but to the financial health of this country! There are an estimated 85.4 million mothers of all ages in the United States who control approximately $2.1 trillion dollars of spending per year or 85% of household income. Moms are the most significant economic force in today's society!

Recognize your power, your importance and your impact as a mom. Books like Lean In make us feel like we need to be less like women and more like men. We disagree. Lean In to motherhood and womanhood. It is your passion, your sensitivity and your captivating nature that make you powerful.

We Believe In The Power Of Moms! We Believe In You!

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