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That Time Of The Month

Ladies, let's talk about PMS. Is it only me or are the mood swings getting larger as we get older? Last night, I started snapping at my kids and feeling my body fill with agitation. My kids asked what happened that I was suddenly so grumpy. I had no idea. But I knew I was pissed.

Wake up this morning to yes, my period. Didn't see it coming. This is very unlike me because I realized some time ago that my moods sway dramatically the week before my period. I started tracking my daily moods along with my cycle to find that yep, they sure dipped with my cycle. I realized that my feelings of wanting to divorce my husband and run away from my kids was maybe a little bit inflamed. Ok, alot. None of us like being asked, "Are you getting your period?" from your spouse or friends. At the time, our mood feels totally justified. But maybe, just maybe it's a bit magnified.

When I track it, I can be a little better prepared and hold back on any rash decisions until my hormones come back to earth. Here are some PMS tips to keep you healthy and happy.

- Make sure you are exercising

- Drink lot's of water

- Take a multi vitamin. B6, D and E are all helpful to avoid PMS

- Go easy on the salt to avoid bloating

- Relax and recharge with yoga, breathing or meditation

Consider tracking your cycle if you aren't in the know so you can be prepared and keep your cool before your period. Give yourself this time of the month for a little extra self care and some TLC. Otherwise, you are woman and they may hear you roar!

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