Staying Clean and Green for Spring

Growing up in New York, some of my favorite childhood memories are post-winter thaw. Being a Mediterranean-blooded girl, I lived for the days when the sun started to show up more regularly and we could move our clock hands ahead an hour. I could finally stash my sweaters and pull out the colorful dresses and the white shoes (there were rules about that back then).

I love spring! It’s the time of blossoming and life. It’s the time of fresh vegetables and fruits. It’s the time of picnics and barbecues with family and friends. Fresh food = Happy Life.

Now, I wanted to give you something else to celebrate – all of my favorite products! You can enter my sweepstakes for a huge prize package worth over $1,000 here and visit for more information. This includes a $400 Hurom Slow Juicer for maximum nutrients, a huge box of fresh organic produce from Melissa’s Produce, a big swag bag of Eat Cleaner products with The Clean Eating Handbook from yours truly, a whole year of eMeals- my favorite clean meal planning service, and the absolutely awesome bundle of Vega products, my go-to protein powder and bars.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram (@eatcleaner) and Facebook (@eatcleaenr) where I have a tendency of posting everything I make in my kitchen. Yes, I’m one of those but you know you love the food close-ups.


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