Soundtrack for Motherhood

Mommy Music

I arrived at my yoga class last week to find a specially themed class; all Madonna music. Clearly not traditional but definitely a lot of fun. It was funny how each song "moved" us depending on our age. Some of us loved hearing Borderline while others were grooving to her newer tunes. But for all of us, the music created emotion. Why do you think movies create soundtracks? Quite simply because music can set a tone and evoke emotion.

So, why don't you create a "mix tape" of your favorite tunes? Wake up to music that gets you motivated. Have a song ready to calm you when your kids are whining. Play a special tune to get you "in the mood" when motherhood has exhausted you.

Life can be hard but music can be an easy way to perk you up! So, what would be on your mommy soundtrack? Thank you Melissa at Ignite Yoga for getting me "Into the Groove".

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