Our Why: To Connect

2014 is the year that we lead with our why, not with our what. We have realized that our WHY is to give women the strength for motherhood, and HOW we do it is what makes the magic in all of our classes nationwide. This month, we share with you our how word..CONNECT. It is important to the core of our being that all moms feel a connection in all of our programs.

When I became a mom nearly 13 years ago, I felt so lost and alone. I had so many questions about nursing, sleeping and basically just how to get through the day. I needed a connection and that's why I started Stroller Strides back in 2001. Here we are a dozen years later, and that connection is still so important. At any Stroller Strides class, we encourage our moms to invite others in to the group and to offer support and friendship. It is so hard to make new friends and to connect with a group that already exists. We try to set the stage so that every client feels welcome. In Body Back, you will see the mom in the front of the group circle back and walk or run with the last mom in the group. You'll see the veteran Body Back client giving inspiration to the new Body Back client. Our programs are your place to connect. We are your soft place to land. We are where you won't feel alone. This is who we are. This is why we do it. And this is how! If you are not a part of FIT4MOM, know that we want to connect with you. If you are a part of FIT4MOM, thank you for helping us be a place to CONNECT!

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