No Perfect Mom

Today was supposed to be my day to write my "Ask Lisa" blog post, but it is now 5:30 p.m. and I hardly feel that I have any answers for you much less myself. Boy, what a day! Perfectly planned and coordinated to do the dance of work and motherhood and yet it still turned to chaos by the day's end. I successfully made it to my Body Back class, took kids to school, made it to Orange County for a meeting, made it to a podcast interview and even to pick up Jake from school. But Jake got out of school late and that put a tail spin to the rest of my planned day. I disappointed my daughter by missing her poetry reading. I had to take Jake back to the doctor to have his leg re-casted because it got a hole in it. I then trucked my way back across town to get Rachel to her play rehearsal; only to get home and get a call from her that she didn't need to be there today. Complaining? Nope. Really. Just realizing how often we moms put pressure on ourselves to be perfect and there is no perfect mom. Social media may deceive you in to seeing moms with picture perfect family moments, inspiring quotes and Pinterest worthy recipe pics. But in fact, those same moms have kids who whine, words that shouldn't be repeated and dinners that come from fast food restaurants. It's important to me that you know I'm authentic with you. I'm a real mom and I'm far from perfect. Life isn't black and white, good or bad. We are living full lives. We live on purpose and it's messy and has some beautiful moments in between. There are times when we want to run. Times when we want to drink wine. Times when we feel alone. There are times when we feel like the worst mom in the world. And it's those moments that we probably need to speak out and share. So please remember to love the life you live and live a life you love. Be kind to yourself in the chaos of the day. And no matter what, realize that you are a great mom more than you are not.

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