FIT4MOM Alum turned CEO Kristin

Motivating Mom: FabulousCEO Kristin Ahmer!

Can you all believe it is almost Christmas? Crazy. I don't know about you, but this time of year I do a lot of reflecting and planning. I think about my goals and dreams and how I am going to make them happen. Our Motivating Mom today is someone that did just that! She had a dream and worked very hard to make it come true(and btw what a genius idea! I need to go get a Sili Squeeze asap!). She is now a true mompreneur who owns a company and 2 gorgeous kiddos!

**Tell us about yourself**

My name is Kristin Ahmer, I am 33 years young. I have two beautiful and healthy babies- my son Will Reef, 4 years young and my daughter Sage Everly, 2 years young. I am a Stroller Strides franchise alumni, I owned SS San Juan Capistrano, in California from 2009-2011. I now am the CEO of The Sili Company, creator of The Sili Squeeze. But most importantly I am a mom first!

**How did you find FIT4MOM?**

I found Stroller Strides through research while pregnant. I was looking for a mom’s group I could join to meet mom friends and create potential play dates for my son. It was the perfect fit for me, as it is for so many moms! For me, owning a fitness franchise which I could juggle while being a stay-at-home mom AND have a mommy network, was a dream come true.

**Why did you decide to open a FIT4MOM location? Why did you decide to sell it?**

I decided to open a location because I love business and love customer service- I knew I needed that outlet since I wanted to leave my office job to be home with my son. I also love fitness, love being social and loved the idea of helping other moms network with each other in such a healthy way, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I decided to sell my location as soon as it got to be too much juggling the startup of my new company The Sili Company, while planning for the launch of my product The Sili Squeeze. It was a beautiful chapter of my life, one I will always cherish! I am the biggest SS fan!

**Tell us about your company**

When my son Will was 10 months old, he squirted a disposable food pouch all over himself in the car seat! I was in route to SS class to teach --and late--- and of course did not have a backup outfit! That is when I came up with the idea for the Sili Squeeze- a reusable food pouch intended for purees like applesauce and yogurt for on-the-go snacks. After class that day, a few of my moms and I went to a coffee shop and I told them my idea and that I was going to create it. At the time there was no reusable solution. I am so grateful for the demand and the growth has been quite quick. We are now global- The Sili Squeeze is sold in 13 countries outside the USA and Canada.

**Best part about your job?**

The best part of my job is working from my home office and having such flexibility with my children’s schedules. Family first- ALWAYS! Everyone from my team is a parent and works from their home as well. The mantra is always, family first! The second best part of my job is inspiring people- I love inspiring my team, any business partner we have; I love inspiring our customers, our Facebook fans, anyone I meet. I love inspiring the idea to shoot for the moon, pave your own path and live now! Today is the day!

**How has FIT4MOM changed your life?**

It was my first social network as far as mommy friends. There truly is a sisterhood in motherhood. And SS creates such a healthy mindset for both healthy bodies and minds. I have always been inspired by the positivity of the SS branding and leaders. I still follow most of them on FB. There is such power is positivity and SS encompasses that at it’s heart. Thank you!

**Any advice for moms out there?**

You can do anything you put your mind to! Anything! Yes, there will be speed bumps and roadblocks, but keep going! Shoot for the moon. Live now, treasure today and the simple things, as that is what matters in life. Write down your dreams and surround yourself with positive people that build you up and cheer you on. And I think SS is an amazing platform for that! It was my very own members/friends in SS San Juan Capistrano that cheered me on and supported me to start my Sili dream. I am so thankful for them and my experience those two years. And so is my son Will Reef.

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