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Moms, Don't sit on the sidelines

Last Friday we had a mother and daughter soccer practice. We got to practice with the kids for drills and scrimmage. Normally, we sit on the sidelines and watch. Wow, it was soooooo much fun! We had so much fun playing with our kids (and of course it was a great workout). I can hardly remember the last time that my daughter and I laughed so hard and truly played with each other. How much of parenthood are we sitting on the sidelines and watching? Where else can we experience life with our kids and not just be a spectator? Let's get up from those park benches and play red light green light. Let's get up from the bleachers and kick the ball. Let's get up from our beach chairs and jump in the waves. Live this life to its fullest. Experience it. Participate in it. And most importantly, share it with your family!

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