LUNA's Top 10 Nutrition Tips

LUNA’s Top 10 Nutrition Tips, from the LUNA Team

Happy new year! Is eating healthier one of your New Year’s resolutions, again? To help you we’ve split this lofty goal into 10 bite-size strategies to make it easier for you to keep your resolution.


1. Savor the moment

Pamper yourself at mealtime: use the “nice” dishes, flowers or candles at the table. Enjoy dinner with a friend. Food isn’t the only thing that makes a meal.

2. Spice up your life

Add some new herbs and spices to old dishes: cinnamon with chicken, rosemary in your omelet. The possibilities are endless.

3. Keep it colorful

Eat a colorful variety of foods with various tastes and textures to cover your vitamin and mineral needs with a balanced eating plan.

4. Write it down

Keep a food log. Are you snacking on candy too often? When and why do you crave sweets? Look back on your notes to find patterns, and create solutions to your eating routine.

5. Ditch the diet

Gone are the days of cutting entire foods groups, like bread or nuts – it only leads you to crave them more. Moderation and variety is the new mantra.

6. Munch a bunch

Small, frequent meals provide your body with a steady stream of nutrients and keep your energy levels even. When you pack snacks for your kids, pack one for yourself too.

7. Get moving

Healthy living means more than good nutrition. Regular exercise, stress reduction, and annual health exams are important in achieving optimum health.

8. Plan ahead

Planning ahead keeps your eating on track. When you pack your lunch, you control your portion sizes and save money, too!

9. Drink more water

Your body needs water to move nutrients around, cushion your joints, and feel good! Drink at least eight 8-oz. glasses of water daily.

10. Moderation, not deprivation

Say “Yes!” to that cupcake, just not every day. Allow yourself to have small servings of those decadent treats you crave. Eat them slowly and enjoy!

Good luck! Like LUNA on Facebook to get more nutrition tips throughout the year. Happy 2013!

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