I can do anything because I'm a mom

As a kid, I said "I can't" a lot. I wasn't particularly good at school or sports. I was not a natural at anything. And when anything was hard, I just said "I can't". But that has all changed since becoming a mom.

Yesterday, Jake and I took a surf lesson. It was hard. We were getting beat up by the waves and definitely not feeling successful. I so could have walked out and been done with it but all I could think of was what that would teach my son. My kids inspire me to embrace "I can". Together, we have done everything from paint ball to trapeze, from snowboarding to mud runs. I want them to know that they can do anything if they are willing to work for it. I want them to realize that great results come from sticking with challenge. I want them to see each day as a new opportunity to improve themselves. And I thank them because I'm realizing it's never too late!

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