Healthy School Lunches

Back to school means back to packing lunches. Let's kick the year off right with healthy lunches. It's tough for kids to see processed foods that their friends have if they see their own lunch as boring. Let's work to make sure that lunches are nutritious and delicious. First, think about the purpose of food. It is meant to fuel us. Kids don't want to hear about carbohydrates and protein. It might be better for them to think of food as energy, brain or mover foods. SNAC Cards are a great way to teach your kids about food.

Go beyond sandwiches with some fresh ideas...

Wrap - Use whole grain wraps and fill with your choice of items from tuna to organic turkey to hummus.

Pita Pocket Sandwich - Use whole grain tortilla and fill with tuna or chicken salad.

Roll Up - Take a large tortilla and spread your choice of fillings. Turkey, cheese, etc. Roll it up and slice in to rolls.

Sandwich Stacker - My kids beg me for lunchables but I can't bear to see them eat such processed foods. Make your own by using a cookie cutter to cut your turkey and cheese. Give them a container that neatly holds their crackers and cut up items and they can stack their own.

When you pack snacks, choose brands that you can trust. My favorites include:

Plum Organics


Organic Valley


Clif Kids

Make it easy on yourself by having foods prepped and ready at the beginning of the week so that you can grab and go. Healthy lunches are a cinch with just a little bit of planning. Happy back to school everyone!

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