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Friday Fitness with Farel: Your In-House Personal Trainers

Motherhood is a VERY physically demanding job. In addition to the lifting, holding and carrying that you do all day, everyday...it is also a very reactionary job! The beautiful (and challenging) aspect, as well, is that your children get bigger and bigger everyday! What this means is that your children are actually your own in-house personal trainers. They dictate your movement patterns and they increase your resistance or "load" as they grow. Because of this, motherhood/parenthood, doesn't necessarily get easier...you just get stronger. The way you train for this job must be at the forefront of your exercise programming. These are your main areas (and some exercises) to keep in mind:

· Upper Body Strength: Bicep Curls, Military Presses and Tricep Kickbacks

· Upper Back Strength: Mid and High Rows, Rear Fly

· Core Strength: Plank, Woodchop

· Lower Body Strength: Lunges, Squats

Stay focused on specific movement patterns of motherhood/parenthood and you will identify the best way to workout...when your children are ANY age!

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