Friday Fitness with Farel: "What Is The Best Way to Breathe When Exercising"?

While this may seem like an unusual question, it is actually one I get asked a LOT! The concern is that there are theories around the BEST way to breathe to maximize results when exercising. Here are some:

• Breath should be shallow and quick

• Breathe through your nose only

• Breathe through your mouth only

• Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth

• Exhale on exertion

The truth is the way you breathe is a pretty personal process. When you workout, experiment with different patterns/methods and see how you feel. The way you breathe needs to make sense for your body and the type of workouts you do. The main take-away is this:

1. Inhale

2. Exhale

3. Repeat

Don’t worry too much about breathing the “right” way. Master the steps above and you are golden!

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