Friday Fitness with Farel: They Are Beautiful Little Mirrors!

Those of you with very little babies might not have seen this yet, but moms with toddlers and older children, you know the truth to, "They are beautiful little mirrors", don't you? It starts small, with seeing an expression or hearing a word that you say from your child. It's so fun and exciting to see parts of yourself emerge in your children as they grow. Then it see something you do or say in them that you aren't proud of. For me, it was hearing my daughters say "sorry" about things they truly didn't need to be sorry for; "Mommy, I'm sorry for being sick" or "Mommy, I'm sorry I broke the crayon." (Oh my gosh, I thought, I do that!)

It's a huge wake-up call and attention shift to see that most of the things you do or say will be witnessed by their sweet spirits. Raising these children intentionally is a BIG DEAL, but I don't see it as a burden. I see it as an opportunity to live in a way that I would want them to emulate! Everyone wins!

What you choose to eat, they notice; so make great decisions. How you move your body, they watch; so dig deep. How you talk about yourselves, they listen; so treat yourself with love. They WANT to be like them how you would like them to live!

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