Friday Fitness with Farel: The F.I.T. Principle...Do You Know It?

There is a fitness principle that you all should be aware of and it's an exciting one! It's called the F.I.T. Principle; which stands for Frequency, Intensity and Time. The reason why this is exciting to understand is because there are some things YOU can adjust to get the results you are looking for! When it comes to Frequency, look at how often you are getting your workouts in. Can you add in another day? That additional workout can make a world of difference!

Intensity is another adjustable component. How intense, or engaged, are you in your workouts? If you have been on "auto-pilot", it's time to snap yourself out and focus in each exercise. You will find that the rewards you receive physically will be well worth the attention you give.

Usually, the amount of time in your workouts is pretty fixed. Most FIT4MOM classes are around 1 hour; however, the first two components of the F.I.T. principle are in your hands. If you aren't seeing the changes you would like to see in your fitness level, or your body, start adjusting the frequency of your workouts and the intensity you bring to each and every exercise. You will LOVE the changes you will see and the fact that you are in control of that success!

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