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Friday Fitness with Farel: March Squat Challenge!!

For the month of March, we encourage you ALL to accept a squat challenge! The muscles used in a squat are your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. It is a VERY effective lower body strengthening exercise! Throughout your day, you can find many opportunities to squat:

  • Picking up toys, your stroller after class, your infant car seat, your children
  • While you do dishes, brushing your teeth, picking out cereal at the grocery store (please take a picture of that one and post to our page!)

In a standard squat, your feet are parallel and your weight is in your heels. You should be able to see, and wiggle, your toes at the lowest point. In a plie squat, widen your stance and point your feet and knees outward in the same direction. At the lowest point your knees should be over your ankles not your toes.

Take this March Squat Challenge and see how creative you can get by working these squats into your day. You will be surprised by how strong you feel and maybe you'll start incorporating this movement into your routine beyond the challenge! Ready, Set...SQUAT!

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