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Friday Fitness with Farel: FIT4MOM Tips for Running with Your Stroller!


With the first ever National Stroller Running Day coming on November 8th, we wanted to give you some important tips to make running with your stroller easier and most efficient!

  • Run with a stroller perfect for your height
  • Be sure your stride length isn't compromised as you run
  • Keep neutral posture and swing an arm occasionally
  • To diminish stroller "shimmy", lock the front wheel when running (if that's an option)

Get out there and enjoy the FIRST EVER National Stroller Running Day! Check out FIT4MOM for Stroller Strides classes in your area and RunStrollerRun to learn where you can participate in races and walks that allow strollers.

Also, join us for a special Twitter party on November 4th at 6pm PST/9pm EST to kick off #StrollerRun14. There will be lot's of prizes and ways to learn about being a healthy active mom!

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