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Fitness Friday with Farel: Sneaking In Fitness...

Does the phrase, "I don't have enough time" sound familiar? It's true that the life of a mom is packed with action and tasks, from the time you wake up until the time your head hits the pillow. Sometimes we get locked into thinking that if we don't have a dedicated 30-60 minutes for our workout, that it's not going to happen. What if you started looking at your day for pockets of fitness opportunities sprinkled throughout? Here are four suggestions to sneak in activity as you move through your day:

1. Kitchen Counter Push Ups - While prepping a meal or snacks take a few moments to do 5-10 pushups on the counter, 3 - 5 times.

2. Playtime Oblique Twists - You can turn many playtime moments into a workout and still have a blast with your kiddo! This exercise involves twisting side to side, passing the ball with your child. Keep your belly button pressed to your spine and twist with the rib cage.

3. Toy Clean Up Shuffle - To say that there is a lot of cleaning up with children is an understatement! It feels like we are ALWAYS cleaning, let’s turn that into a chance to get some great lower body and cardio in. Get into a low squat position, with weight in your heels. Stay down and side shuffle around the room as you pick up the toys.

4. Milk Jug Curls - Let's be honest, motherhood is a very physical job. We lift and carry children, and things, all day long. Look for ways you could create a muscular challenge in those tasks. Use milk jugs, or canned food, for a few bicep curls as you are putting food away or taking out to prep a meal.

There are many opportunities as we move through our day to sneak in some type of activity...if we look for them. Have fun and share ways YOU have found to sneak fitness in!

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