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Eating Clean & Healthy

What does it mean to you to eat clean? I'm not talking about your food dropping on the dirty floor here. My goal is to get you eating closer to what nature intended.

The sages of our world did not think about counting calories; they simply ate with intuition.

Look at a beautiful plate of vegetables. Your intuition probably knows that is a good

healthy choice. Look at a plate of Doritos. Um, guessing your intuition is right on again.

When you eat whole foods (foods that are not packaged, processed, tampered with), your body knows just what to do with them. You eat an apple and it knows exactly how to digest it and how to use the nutrients. You drink a diet soda and your body has no idea what to do with these strange chemicals. Toxic in and toxic out.

So, instead of worrying about calories counting or percent of fat, just let your intuition guide your healthy eating. When you eat clean, you can achieve energy and health like you never before imagined.

Here are 5 quick and easy tips to cleaning up your eating.

1) When possible eat food in its natural state. An apple for instance is better than apple sauce. But apple sauce would be better than an apple fritter.

2) If you eat packaged foods, stay away from foods with hydrogenated fats and artificial colors and chemicals.

3) Eat your calories, don't drink them. Eat the orange instead of drinking orange juice.

4) Whole up your grains. Stay away from the processed stuff. This will read as enriched flour or starch.

5) Bye bye sugar. It can be hiding in your sauces and your crackers. Look for anything that ends in an -ose and stay away from high fructose corn syrup.

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