FIT4MOM Summer Sweaty Selfie Challenge

July 1 - August 31

We know it’s hard to find a spare minute for yourself during the summer; kiddos are home, schedules are crazy, and there’s still a list of things to do a mile long! We get it ... but, you're important, mama, and we see you. We want to help get you started, keep you motivated, and help keep you accountable with our FIT4MOM Summer Sweaty Selfie Challenge.

Join in the fun and inspire other mamas to keep in going by taking pics or video of all the ways you're finding to get 'er done! And, don't forget, at FIT4MOM we believe everything counts on your wellness journey so count the playground fun, splashing in the pool, the quick workouts and the long ones, solo quests and those with friends, as well as everything in between.

Post to Instagram (feed or stories) using the hashtag #fit4mom☀️(be sure to use the sun emoji after F4M). Check out what the home office team is doing this summer to stay active in the feed below!