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Your Questions Answered: Kids and Healthy Food, Eating at Social Events, Mommy Guilt

Welcome back to the Motivating Mom podcast. My name is Lisa Druxman and it is my hope to motivate, inspire you and give you the strength for motherhood at any stage of motherhood. I’m excited about today’s show because it is all about you! We are answering your questions!!!! We are talking food, fitness, parenting, We’ve got something for everyone! If a question doesn’t resonate for you, just skip ahead! but before we get started,

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Here are some of the questions you will get answers to on today’s episode...

  • How to raise kids with healthy food

  • How to raise kids with positive body image that you can.

  • How to deal with family and friends who don’t eat well

  • How to deal with mommy guilt when apart from kids.

  • How to eat healthy while traveling

  • What kinds of programs do we have for older moms?

  • How to eat healthy in social situations?

  • Should you snack to keep blood sugar stable?

  • Parenting tips to create compassionate polite kids?

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