Your Lean and Green Life (featuring Kate Geagan)

Is it possible to be hectic and healthy?

We know life is busy as a mom but it’s possible to live a healthy and vibrant life.

Listen in today as I interview Kate Geagan one of the top ten dieticians in America.

This is Motivating Mom.

About Kate

KATE GEAGAN, MS, RD, is an award-winning dietitian who has given nutrition advice in numerous print, TV, and radio media, including Prevention, Family Circle, and NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX news affiliates across the country.

Since launching her own consulting company in 1999, she has helped dozens of companies develop nutrition-related programs for their employees.

She lives in Park City, Utah.

Connect with Kate:

Website - Kate Geagan

Facebook - Kate Geagan, America's Green Nutritionist

Twitter - @greeneating


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