What's In Your Vitamin? (featuring Paul Schulick)

Do you think you are eating healthy?

I bet you are still missing some vital nutrients that your body needs.

But it’s not enough to just pop a multi vitamin.

Many are filled with artificial preservatives, coloring and are toxic in their own right.

How can eating vitamins that are from whole foods, non gmo and organic help you achieve new levels of health?

Listen in as we chat with New Chapter vitamin founder, Paul Schulick, about how to rev up your health.

Paul Schulick is the Founder, Master Herbalist, and Chief Formulator of New Chapter®, the leading supplement company in the natural products channel known for its cultured supplements and paradigm-shifting formulations.

Paul, who holds multiple patents, has been at the forefront of the herbal field for over thirty years as a researcher, health educator, and entrepreneur.

He currently leads New Chapter’s Science and Innovation team’s rigorous scientific research.

Paul formulated Zyflamend®, an extensively researched, recommended, and widely used supplement for inflammation.

Paul is the author of the book Ginger: Common Spice & Wonder Drug (Holm Press, 1996), and coauthor of Beyond Aspirin (Holm Press, 2000) and The Life Bridge (Herbal Free Press, 2002).

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