The Right Handbag Can Change Your Life

They say that necessity is the mother of invention.

Have you ever had an idea for a better product, a better way to do something?

Do you stop yourself because you know nothing about that business or industry?

My guest today wanted a better diaper bag.

Knowing nothing about such a business, she went for it anyway.

And she has created one of the most in-demand bags on the market.

Let’s find out about how she did it and how she does motherhood.

This is The Empowered Mama podcast.

About Meggan

Meggan Wood is the co-founder, designer, and branding maestro behind the leather diaper bag and handbag brand, Lily Jade.

It all started when she was a new mom and diaper bag options weren’t available for the woman who valued quality AND organization.

As a solution, Meggan carried her leather tote filled with a ziploc bag “organizational” system.

Encouraging her vision, her husband, Landon, asked her to design the diaper bag of her dreams and that’s how she went from happy homeschool mom to successful business owner in one year!

After launching Lily Jade from their home in San Antonio, Texas in 2013, Meggan said “As much as I love a good diaper bag, this has to be about more than just bags. I want Lily Jade to be a blessing to women.”

With that aim in mind, Lily Jade values hosting giveaways, championing adoptive families, inviting women into friendship through Nourishment & Encouragement Groups and helping out mommas with unexpected pregnancies by partnering with Embrace Grace.

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