Naturally Healthy Products for Your Baby (featuring Kim Walls)

Do you remember that bag of samples the hospital gave you when you brought your baby home?

Would it ever occur to you that those products might not be good for your baby? of course not!

But that is very much the case.

Join me as we talk to Best Ever Baby founder Kim Walls about her passion to provide expert advice to educate, empower and inspire better choices for mom & baby.

About Kim Walls

Kim is the mother of 2 boys, a healthy living activist, serial entrepreneur and author of the award-winning Best Ever Birth Plan.

As part of the founding family of Epicuren Discovery, founder of Babytime! by Episencial and Best Ever Baby, she was named one of the “9 Wonder Women of the Natural Industry”.

As an a nationally recognized natural products expert, her work has been featured in publications including WWD, Real Simple, Fit Pregnancy, Huffington Post, and on-air by the CBS Early Show and Good Morning America.

Links for today’s show:

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