Motherhood is Your Superpower

Do you appreciate an honest and real look at motherhood?

Do you dream of being a mommy blogger?

My guest today is the creator of one of the most popular parenting websites.

She is a best selling author, speaker and one of the few bloggers who tell it like it is about parenting, entrepreneurship and divorce.

Listen in and meet Scary Mommy, Jill Smokler.

This is The Empowered Mama podcast.

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About Jill Smokler

Jill Smokler is a noted entrepreneur, social influencer, New York Times bestselling author, and community builder.

The founder of Scary Mommy, Jill has spent the last ten years creating and curating online content for parents, having grown her one-time “mommy blog” into one of the most influential digital parenting properties in the world.

During her tenure at Scary Mommy — most recently as Chief Content Officer — Jill used candor, humor, and humility to redefine the role and influence of parents online. Her commitment to publishing honest, compelling, and sometimes controversial content, combined with her uncanny sense of how parents are willing to interact with brands online, created a new kind of digital parenting ecosystem that has given moms a voice and brands a roadmap for engaging the sought after mom audience.

Jill is also a recognized thought leader who frequently speaks at women-centric events, conferences and on-air. In 2017, by Forbes magazine named Jill a top ten parenting influencer.

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Jill Smokler’s Favorite Quote: “Success breeds success.” - Mia Ham

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Jill Smokler’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jillsmokler

Find Jill Smokler on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jillsmokler

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