Meet Motivating Mom: Carrie Chacon, SNAC (Simple Nutritional Affordable Cooking)

On today’s epsiode, we are talking to motivating mom Carrie Chacon, founder of Snac Cards

Hello hello. My name is Lisa Druxman and it is my privilege to be your host on the Motivating Mom podcast. On this show, we talk food, fitness, life balance. Our goal is to give you the strength for motherhood at any stage of motherhood. Today, we are talking to my good friend Carrie Chacon, the founder of the SNAC program.

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Carrie is a Certified Nutritional Consultant, who created SNAC, a program that focuses on simple nutritionally affordable cooking. She also created SNAC Cards, nutritional flash cards that help kids set the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. These cards have been key to me teaching my kids healthy eating from a young age.


Well I hope you enjoyed that episode with Carrie. As you can see, we all have to find what feels right for our families in terms of healthy living. The goal of the show is never to make you feel bad for what you are doing or aren’t doing, but to give you new tools, new ideas to help you raise your family. I thank you so much for spending this time with me.

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