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Meet Motivating Mom: Andrea Donsky, The Healthy Shopper

Today’s episode is part of our That Mom series. That mom in terms of that mom who brings healthy snacks to her kids game. That mom who gives out pencils instead of candy at Halloween. That mom who buys organic. I am that mom and I want you to have the tools and resources that you need to raise healthy kids. So, I have brought together some of my favorite mom food ambassadors to educate all of us.

That mom today is Andrea Donsky. She is an Author, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.), Editor-in-Chief, and Co-Founder of The Healthy Shopper Inc. and Naturally Savvy Media.

Andrea has been natural visionary and successful entrepreneur for over fifteen years. Please welcome Andrea Donsky.

In this episode, find out about

  • Naturally Savvy

  • Her Get Healthy Nutrition Challenges

  • How she inspires her kids to eat healthy

  • And more!

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