Living Through Your Six Senses (featuring Starla King)

What would it mean to you to live wide awake through each day?

To be in tune to your heart and energy and not merely getting through each 24 hours?

How nice would it be to tap in to more creativity, inspiration and humor in your day?

My guess it that we all need to awaken.

My guest today will help us find insight to live through our six senses.

This is Motivating Mom.

About Starla

STARLA J. KING is an author, editor, and writing coach through her company, OutWrite Living.

Written words are her primary creative medium, with photographs a close second — both of which she uses to advocate for compassionate living through a practice of seeing the usual and mundane as exquisite and miraculous.

Starla lives in Philadelphia with her delightful wife and feline trouble-makers.

Author of "Wide Awake. Every Day. Daily Inspiration for Conscious Living," and Co-compiler/Co-editor/Co-publisher/ of "Wide Awake. Every Week. 52 Voices ~ 365 Aha! Moments"